Trending French Tip Nails Ideas

Trending French Tip Nails Ideas

French tips are nail designs that are very easy to wear. French tip nails have evolved with increased creativity to so many different ideas. French tips and nail ideas are inspired by different shapes, arts, and colors.

If you love French manicures, you can enjoy experimenting with different French tips designs throughout the year. The following are some trending French tip nails ideas that you can try out.

  1. Short Charming Nails with French Tips

If you love short nails, you don’t have to make them uninteresting. You can look so fashionable with short nails with a touch of French tips. Due to the short length of the nails, the French tips are done in a very slim manicure.

This idea is very simple yet stylish, and you can wear it with any outfit in your closet and on any occasion. It is easy to come up with this design and does not require a lot of time.

For an attractive final look, you can have a nude or neutral base and the French tips done in a more bright color.

  1. Short, Square French Tips Manicure

If you don’t want long nails limiting your daily activities, you can try wearing short nails with squire tip manicures. Short length for French tip nails is a perfect combination.

To create this idea, you can use a transparent polish as the base and add a slim square-shaped French tip for the perfect simple finish.

The white polish is the one that is commonly used for French tips, but you can use any other bright color of your choice on the tips.

  1. Metallic Green French Tips

If your favorite color is green you can create a simple French tip nails design by using a nude color base and finishing with metallic green color for the French tips. 

The idea is very simple and does not bring a lot of unnecessary attention to your nails. You can wear it with any outfit and for both casual and formal occasions.

  1. Subtle Pink Ombre French Tips

The pink color is attractive and loved by most women. You can use pink color on ombre nails and combine it with white French tips for an attractive finish.

French tip nails look beautiful on long ombre nails no matter the outfit you decide to wear. Long pink ombre nails with a touch of a slim French manicure are so outstanding for a casual event.

  1. Gel French Manicure

The design is so simple and favorable if you love your natural nails. This idea is created by applying gel of your color of choice to your perfectly shaped natural nails and using another different color of gel for the French tips.

If you love being so natural, you can use a nude color that matches your skin for the base with a very slim French manicure on the tips.

  1. Pink and White Nails

This French tip nails idea is very simple as it involves using a pink base and a white color for the French tips.