Trending and Best Gaming chairs in 2022

No one can deny that this new era belongs to digitalisation and technology. Both of these are growing by leaps and bounds. Time has changed and things are no longer the same as they were before.

One of the most astonishing changes is in the gaming industry. Gaming is not just a mode of entertainment, but nowadays it has become a profitable industry. 

Gaming is one of the most loved and enjoyed practices nowadays. There are millions of games available for online players and streamers. If you are a gamer and used to share your gameplay with your audience, then you might have faced an issue of a premium looking comfortable gaming chair.

Today, we are going to dig into the root of this problem and provide you with a detailed guide of the best gaming chairs in 2022. You can read an in-depth research and analysis of this topic on gamingfreak. Let’s have a look.

Best Gaming Chairs in 2022

We all know that while streaming the gameplay, every gamer wants to provide a premium look and experience to the viewers. Chair plays an important role in this and it is also responsible for the comfort of the user.

Well, when it comes to buying the best one, there are several features and factors that must be considered. If any chair fulfils such factors then that is assumed as the best one. 

Some factors that you should consider are comfort, built material and quality, look, support, pricing, ease of availability, etc. Without any delay, let’s have a look at the best gaming chairs of 2022.

1. Greysteel

Greysteel is one of the best gaming chairs that are available online in India. With more than three attractive colours, this chair has a shiny premium finish. 

Its ergonomic design provides ultimate comfort to the user in seating. This premium chair has an adjustable armrest, 4 inches thick soft and durable cushion. This chair provides good mobility and can be reclined from 90-180° according to the use. 

Not only for gamers, but a lot of people use it for office purposes also. Greysteel is made up of alloy steel and PU leather which makes this chair long lasting and durable. With a 2 years warranty, this chair is available on various online stores with positive reviews and ratings.

If you are looking for a premium, comfortable and budget chair, then you will never regret buying Greysteel.

2. Dr Luxur

Dr Luxur Weavemonster is the next chair in our list of best gaming chairs in 2022. This chair is made up of breathable honeycombed premium fabric material.  It is available in two different colours and a 3 year manufacturer warranty. 

One of the most astonishing features of this gaming chair is that it has height adjustable lever and lumbur support. For comfort of the user, footrest, armrest and magnetic neck rest are provided in this gaming chair. 

Dr Luxur has a 180° recliner that can be adjusted accordingly. It is made up of an oxidised steel frame and has moulded foam. This amazing gaming chair is easily available on different online stores with an average rating of 4.5.

3. Reklinex

Reklinex is a Multi-Functional and Ergonomically designed Gaming chair that is trending nowadays. Its several features encouraged us to put it on our list of the best gaming chairs in 2022.

Reklinex has a good weight holding capacity and is made up of high quality material. It is a glossy, premium looking and comfortable chair that comes under budget. Its high quality steel frame and cushion material ensures its durability.

It is available in black and white colour and positive reviews. Adjustable headrests, armrests and its nylon mesh seat provides the ultimate comfort while playing games. It has a recliner which can be adjusted to 90-175° easily. 

This chair can bear around 125 kg weight which makes it different from others. So if you are willing to buy a good gaming chair with a weak budget, then you should opt for the Reklinex.  


These are the best gaming chairs that are trending and easily available on online and offline stores. Reklinex is a good option in case the budget is weak but the other two ie Dr Luxur and Greysteel are best options for a user having good budget.

We hope that this guide is helpful to you. In the end, we would like to add some more names in this list of best gaming chairs – Baybee, Rekart, Zebronics, Saviour Premium, Green Soul rapter, Kepler Brooks, etc.

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