Tree Root Care: How to Take Care of Your Tree’s Roots

The roots are the foundation of a tree. Roots have a great impact on the health and growth of a tree. When tree’s roots are not being taken care of and are often ignored, this can become quite problematic for a tree. The tree will lose its vigor and health slowly and eventually if the roots are in bad condition.  So, tree roots are the part of a tree that must receive proper care. There are many tree services Sacramento companies that offer tree care services and inspect your trees for diseases and other tree problems. 

Seeing exposed roots is not only a problem for a tree, but also for your home’s foundation. Exposed roots can intrude the other functional areas of home such as lawn, sidewalks etc. 

There are many reasons a tree can expose its roots on the ground instead of letting them inside the soil. 

Why tree roots are so important:

They absorb nutrients, water and minerals through the soil and distribute to the rest of the tree. 

Exposed roots on the ground are more susceptible to damage from the external environment. So, when they are damaged, the tree will have problems absorbing the nutrients, water and minerals. 

You should never try to cut the exposed tree’s roots as doing so can make your tree more vulnerable to diseases and insect intrusion. 

Strong roots are important to hold the tree on the ground and provide the strength it needs to be able to remain on the ground during strong winds and hurricanes. Thus, your trees must have healthy and strong roots for its overall health and vitality.  

Always have a tree inspection of your Sacramento landscape design area to see if the roots are below the soil’s surface or being exposed and invading other areas of your home. 

Things you must not do when you have exposed tree’s roots 

  • Don’t plant shrubs and plants near the roots
  • Don’t plant grass
  • Don’t attempt to cut the exposed tree roots
  • Adding soil will not solve the problem,so don’t do it 

Here is what you can do to take care of tree’s roots : 

  • Mulching 

 For a tree root system, mulching is important. Mulching is done around the base of the tree to give protection to the roots and  to help the tree retain water during dry or summer months. It also protects the tree’s roots  from weeds.  While mulching, do over mulch keep in mind. 

Mulching benefits the tree’s roots like no other.

  • Mulching protects the roots against erosion and keeps it guarded against foot traffic. 
  • It protects roots from very cold and hot temperatures. 
  • Water your trees on dry season 

Don’t forget to water your tree in dry weather. 

In a nutshell

Tree needs regular inspections from tree care professionals and timely treatment when there is a sign of trouble. If you have exposed tree roots and problems with tree roots, always contact a renowned and certified tree service company. Failing to attend your trees timely can result in tree removal Sacramento. It’s always best to stick to preventative tree care to avoid cutting of your beloved tree. 

Jennifer Alex

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