Tree Health: How Much to Trim a Pine Tree?

Pine trees can make any yard look beautiful. They are low maintenance although there will come a time when pine trees will need some trimming, especially when it has diseased or broken branches.

Generally, the cost of trimming pine trees from professional trimming services ranges between $300 and $1,500. The price varies depending on the size of the trees and its accessibility.

Some of the other factors that tree experts consider when determining the overall cost of trimming pine trees include size, location, number of pine trees that need to be cut, and obstacles. Basically anything that is going to slow down the process of trimming will increase its cost.

For example, if the pine trees in your yard are located near power lines, the experts will use specialized equipment and more labor to get the work done. The number of trees that need trimming will also affect the final cost of the services as you will pay more money to trim more trees.

It is always advisable to indicate the actual number of trees that need to be trimmed to get an accurate quote. If you only mention a single pine tree and the tree experts find out that there are more trees, there will be a significant increase in time and cost for the services.

Professional trimming companies will also charge more money to trim diseased pine trees on your property. If the trees are unhealthy, they are weak and pose a danger to tree experts. Therefore, you will be required to pay more.

How much to trim a 30ft pine?

The taller the tree, the higher the trimming cost as the tree will have more branches that need to be worked on. A pine tree is classified as medium-sized if the height ranges between 15ft and 25ft. Such trees are quite easy to trim.

Usually, the lower branches will be removed during a trimming exercise. The closer the branches are to the ground, the cheaper it is to trim them. The average price of cutting the bottom 5 rows of lower branches for some species of pine trees is between $340 and $490.

If the height of a pine tree in your property is between 25ft and 50ft, it is considered as a large tree. Experts will charge more to trim radiata pines. The radiata species tend to have thicker branches and hence, higher trimming costs.

You will be required to pay between $500 and $850 to trim sizeable white pine trees. On the other hand, trimming a 30ft radiata pine tree will cost between $750 and $1,500.

Is it cheaper to trim in winter?

Experts recommend trimming pine trees towards the end of winter. During this season, the chances of getting affected by fungus or beetle attacks are low. Therefore, some trimming services are likely to charge less if you request the services during these times.

Another reason why it may be cheaper to trim pine trees during the winter is that arborists have less work during the cold months. Most of them will be willing to offer their services at a lower cost to get more work.

How much can you trim at one time

When you trim the branch of a pine tree, it is always recommendable to cut the branch all the way to the collar or the thick part near the trunk. Pine trees whose branches are more than an inch in diameter should be cut from bottom to top to avoid striping the back down the trunk when the trimmed branches fall.

Cut the center trunk for about 8 to 12 inches, and the side branches up to 12 inches. Ensure that the lower branches are longer than those that are higher up to maintain the shape of your pine trees. Remove between 5 and 6 inches of all the dead branches.

How often do pine trees need trimming?


Unlike most trees, pine trees do not need trimming for aesthetic purposes. How often the trimming will be done may depend on several reasons. Some of the main reasons for trimming pine trees include removing dead branches, over-extend branches, and maintaining strong single stems. The recommended time of the year to trim pine trees is towards the end of winter.

Should I just trim the bottom branches?

The branches of pine trees do not re-grow. Therefore, avoid over trimming the bottom branches of the pine trees. If you think that the branches are too thick, it is advisable only to remove the stems of such branches.