Treading into Trying Times? Consider These 6 Tips for Boosting Employee Morale

Is your business barrelling through a rough patch right now? If so, you may notice your MVPs slipping into a state of professional psychosis. For those employers leading teams of unmotivated and overall dissatisfied employees, turning those frowns upside down may be the best way to protect your bottom line. 

While raising your team’s spirits may pose a seemingly impossible challenge, there are many ways that you can boost employee morale. For more ideas, check out the tips and tricks below. 

Give corporate gifts

Giving corporate gifts is a surefire way to boost employee morale. Remember, there is no inappropriate time to give your employees a gift tailored to their unique interests or needs. While birthdays are the most common time to reward your star employees with a personalized gift and a handwritten note, thanksgiving gifts for employees are also a great way to boost morale during the holiday season. 

While many employers view corporate gifts as a cure-all for lackluster attitudes and dwindling professional resilience, investing in corporate gifts yields various other benefits. For example, gifts can also help company leadership show appreciation and strengthen their relationships with their employees. 

Get personal

There is an air of professionalism that you need to display at work. However, being professional does not mean you can’t get to know your employees.

A lot of employees will open up if you ask them questions about their life. While not everyone is open to talking about themselves, it’s worth a shot. 

Getting personal with your employees can help you establish trust. Ultimately, you want your employees to feel like they can come to you for anything. Once they view you as someone they can trust, they will feel better about coming into the workplace and expressing pressing concerns.  

Ask for honest feedback

Feedback is an essential part of any work environment. Allowing your employees to voice their honest feedback can help boost the overall morale of the workplace. 

Employees need to feel like their boss will listen to them in times of need. Sure, it’s your job to make the final decision, but input from your crew is a great way to have everyone feel like a team player.

You may also be doing things that are bringing down the workplace without even realizing it. Asking for feedback is an excellent way to highlight what you need to work on as a supervisor. 

Be gentle

Think of some of the most important role models in your life. Were they stern? Were they gentle? Sometimes being gentle can motivate people more than aggression.

Every employee is going to make mistakes, and it’s your job to correct them. But the way that you approach the correction will tell your employee what they need to know about you. 

If your business is going through a trying time, being gentle can be just what your employees need. 

Crack a joke

Humor can make or break a great boss. Seeing the funny side of any situation is a creative way to keep the team’s spirits high. 

If you genuinely want to work on boosting employee morale, work to create a funny-friendly environment. Your humor still needs to be professional. But employees that leave work laughing every day are more likely to leave happier

Cook a meal or bake a treat

When all else fails, cook something special.

It’s a small and simple gesture that can go a long way in showing your appreciation for your crew. Even if cooking is not your strong suit, you can treat the team to a meal out at a restaurant. 

Before you go

Remember that a supervisor is only as good as their team. That said, keeping your employees in good spirits is one of the most important aspects of running a good crew.


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