Travis “Incidents” Lane

You all probably know Mr. Travis “Incidents” Lane  as the new Universal Hip-Hop Museum teacher/artist…But he’s just a humble legend in the music industry, on the West Coast…in the sunny slight breezy city of C.O.S.A. (city of Santa Ana) the home of the winds. Early June, Incidents will be travelling to the home of the “Revolution Of Hiphop” UHHM.ORG in the Bronx, New York, without even purchasing a ticket 
Because the tickets are FREE


Incidents has been busy lately distributing music for friends, organizations, churches and fundraising events, since he landed a distribution streaming deal recently with Sony. Incidents created a new curriculum, that will help the homeless, schools and churches, get out of debt through streaming. Mr. Incidents has already been very active pioneering the awareness of the 5 elements of hiphop, into our schools, career weeks, and city staff meetings.


Also, his curriculum “Development Creates Accomplishment” is now on streaming networks, to help kids, even help their parents to seek Development of their Creation of Accomplishment. Like Incidents always states, keep him in prayer, and high hopes..Read Between The Lines and you’ll find Incidents change the human mind..Learn from your Incidents, so you won’t become one


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