Travelling with a House on Wheels

What dreams are made of are road trips around the country across undulating fields, rocky mountains, across blue seas, or by tranquil lakeside with a view of a magnificent sunset? The pandemic, on the other hand, has put a damper on travel-related bucket lists.

Even among the well-travelled, safety concerns and the fear of contracting the virus loom large. Hiring caravans or camper vans are ideal for those of us who choose to remain indoors but want to travel to new and exciting places at the drop of a hat. They allow travellers to travel while maintaining the safety of the home. In recent years, India’s caravan community appears to have taken to the lane.

Hiring a Caravan

The Karnataka government recently approved a caravan tourism project in which visitors can rent a fully fitted vehicle with various modern furnishings and amenities. After spending so much time at home during the lockout, everyone yearns for rejuvenating camping trips to India’s high mountains, blue beaches, dunes, and green forests. The caravan is a better way to travel and ideal for young people/couples, families, and even senior citizens in the current Corona-Virus epidemic when social distancing is a must to stay healthy. When travelling by road and visiting new places in a caravan, one can perfectly follow social distancing.

What matters is that India has a sufficient number of caravan parks, which serve as parking spaces for vehicles to stay overnight in a safe setting. Renting or buying a caravan is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Caravans are an excellent choice for those who are wary of staying in hotels or homestays because they allow you to travel without having to interact with many people.

In simple terms, it is a wheeled vehicle designed for travel and leisure that is fitted with necessary amenities such as a bed, lamps, cooking equipment, and other amenities to make your journey more comfortable. It’s ideal for road trippers and can be conveniently parked in Caravan Parks at various tourist destinations.

These locations provide a secure parking space for Caravan and all of the requisite amenities and supplies. Many caravan parks are situated near well-known tourist attractions. The caravan can be parked and slept in overnight. Many new caravan parks are in the planning and construction stages at famous tourist destinations in India, encouraging potential caravan trips. 

It will provide you with a sense of independence and equality without sacrificing comfort or luxury. The best aspect is that you’ll save a large amount of money compared to booking a hotel or dining at a restaurant. Don’t be concerned; caravans are here to liberate you from the shackles of the mundane. A camper truck, also known as a caravan, is a vehicle with a sleeping area for travellers.

Caravan for rent

You may not have flown recently due to the pandemic, but who can ignore those pesky baggage restrictions? You can fit all of your clothes and supplies in a caravan without incurring any additional costs. You can even take your best friend, your furry buddy, everywhere you go! Many people rent out caravans for travel to please the wanderer in you. These caravans conform to strict procedures for sanitising the premises and maintaining the safety of the passengers. However, it is always a good idea to double-check with the company before making any reservations. 

During October and November, you can book a luxury truck to drive around Himachal Pradesh’s scenic spots. Rajasthan and Kutch are visited from December to February. Even though the caravan movement started in the west, India has jumped on board (or should we say caravan?) and took small measures to ensure that Indian travellers can enjoy caravans’ benefits. And why shouldn’t they, given the country’s picturesque landscapes and abundance of big, non-bumpy roads, ideal for a long road trip?

Caravan tourism is a new phenomenon in India that is gaining popularity worldwide due to the independence and versatility. In its Latest Tourism Products Annual Report, the Ministry of Tourism recognised caravan travel culture as a tourism commodity.

Even the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department posted advertisements on social media showing their opulent caravans and inviting tourists to book tours with them. Josh Design, Ojas, Feel home, Motorcaravans, and the rest are all based in India, so you won’t have to import anything elsewhere. If possible, you can also customise your caravan by converting used cars or minibuses! Although there are some disadvantages, such as a lack of proper infrastructure, decent highways, enough service centres, and costly caravans, the payoff is immense once you’ve conquered those challenges and found the ideal caravan and the perfect place to enjoy it.

There is a chance of camping, with tents and a barbeque open. You should bring your ingredients and prepare them since meals are not served here. While there are no toilets on location, the company has collaborated with hotels and campgrounds to travel. The available campervans can sleep anywhere from two to six people. If you want to camp somewhere, they even have camping gear, including rooftop and field tents.

Since these amenities are not built-in, the car can be parked at a partner property and used for cooking, washing, and charging. These campervans come with the option of self-driving. However, they have one caravan that comes with a driver and can sleep up to six passengers. If you intend to travel to another state, you must first apply for a transit pass online. Also, familiarise yourself with the state’s travel restrictions and instructions.

Besides that, you can fly around Assam to many scenic spots such as Dior Bil, Kulsi River, and Sivakunda, all of which are less than 80 kilometres from Guwahati. This Bengaluru-based startup provides a luxury campervan for off-the-beaten-path caravan rent price in Karnataka. 

The spacious campervan has two bedrooms and sofas in the seating area. A kitchenette with a microwave, toaster, kettle, and freezer makes meal preparation quick. There is a solar-powered toilet that offers hot water. Onboard meal kits are available, as well as cooked meals at the campground. This campervan is designed for those who want to travel in style.