Travelling Inspirations- Where to Visit Before you Turn 40

Admit it, you have listed somewhere written down, crumbled in the back pocket of old jeans somewhere in your wardrobe.

There’s no secret that everyone has a wish list to fulfill. Some had gotten their travelling wishes fulfilled while some struggle to even live by the day. Those who are in desperate need to take e a few days must get to see some of the amazing attractions in the Greater Toronto Area. 

It’s not a defined geographical boundary, but the u-shaped territory is a combination of towns and regions surrounding the City of Toronto, Ontario.

What you need to remember by is…

Toronto is a natural magnet for tourists and locals alike. If it is to be compared, let’s just say Toronto is like New York of Canada. Now you see me? It’s a perfect way to describe how life is here. But travelling here is more fun.

What makes Greater Toronto Area better?

What makes Greater Toronto Area better

Home to the dynamic mix of attractions, it’s a thriving place to be. You can easily move from one place to another via GTA Airport Limo transfers and there’s no stopping you from visiting;

1. Amazing CN Tower

Want to catch a bird’s eye view? Then the top of the 553-meter tower is the right choice to go by. One of the most splendid Canadian icons is the CN Tower. Built between 1972 and 1976, it used to be the ultimate power structure of the world.

Catch a perfect selfie or a 360 view from the stop floor at 447 meters above. If you are sure vertigo is not friendly with you, then you might need to step a level down. You can take a look at the city from the LookOut Level at 364 meters. Don’t get spooked by the glass floor and terrace, it’s completely safe. May your adventure at the top of the world (literally) meet the expectations!

2. Ripley’s Aquarium is Exotic

With the release of Aquaman (movie), the majority have developed a certain fondness for the sea. Well, sorry, you can’t certainly breath underwater but you can take an exciting tour at the Ripley’s Aquarium with the most impressive underwater tunnel! It will stun you to its core. It’s a great place to visit either alone or with friends and family where you can watch the unseen world of sea with your naked eye.

The major highlight is the jellyfish displays with a strategically lighting amidst the manta rays and sharks gliding by casually. It’s once a lifetime experience for the first time, something that you can’t miss! Furthermore, you will get all sorts of knowledge and curiosity to build in kids to learn more about marine life.

3. Sunday is a Funday at Niagara Falls

Sundays are meant to be stayed in with late mornings with a relaxing ride on GTA Airport Limo for one main purpose: have a thrilling time at the Niagara Falls.

The view is the epitome of wanderlust for explorers. Even the laziest of people love to go there too. The tour offers to get up close to the Horseshoe fall. But let me tell you, wear something extremely casual and something you are not afraid of getting wet either. Besides that what I would prefer is nightfall. The perfect lighting and fireworks at the Niagara Falls make it such a romantic night. And it’s a perfect spot to propose your girlfriend (if you are looking for ideas).

4. Back to the middle ages of Casa Loma

If you are a history nerd (or not) the beautiful in the kept structure of Casa Loma will beguile you. Constructed for Sir Henry in 1914, is reminiscent of the castle. If you think harry potter has the only medieval castles than think again, this one is in Toronto and well, people come from all around to visit it for its medieval arch ship. Close to 100 rooms with 3 dozen bathrooms (seriously) this place is a divine example of European architecture at its zenith

And like you see in historical seasons, with all the plot against the royals and such, this place truly has a secret 800-foot tunnel (not so secret anymore) and some hidden passages till unknown to this date with towers, stables and lavish gardens.

Although that’s not all to cover up the list of things to do or places to visit before you reach your forties, it’s a great way to start. Something is better than nothing right?

And what to do now?

“Inspirations may not always come from the splendour of money but something plain insight”

No further delays always start your exploring list with simple attractions, so that it’s possible to take out time of the day for yourself. Get an eye full of fantastic wonders before your age can stop you!

William Simon

I am William. I hail from Toronto, Canada. I am a travel enthusiast with an avid likeness towards expressing my travel experiences. I am an entrepreneur as a professional who'd like for people to benefit from my experiences and grow manifolds.