Traveling With Kids? Here Is What You Can Do In Vancouver

Traveling with kids can be a tough job. Many airlines like Cathay Pacific provide a kids-friendly traveling experience, however, it is the destination that needs to be entertaining for kids and adults alike. Many times, kids may be enjoying the time but adults get bored and they want to do something of their own. 

Luckily, when you fly into Vancouver you can find plenty of kid-friendly activities that mesmerize the adults equally. Not a single moment will feel dull. 

If you are traveling to Vancouver with kids, here are the extremely fun activities that will keep you and your kids occupied during the stay. 

  1. Experience The Natural Beauty At Stanley Park

Vancouver is located in the most scenic region of Canada, British Columbia. It is famous for its natural beauty where the skyline goes from mountains to city landscape to beaches and the ocean at one end. The weather is beautiful and it gives you even more reasons to visit Stanley Park. 

You can hike with your kids on several tracks inside the Park that wind around the forest, or you can enjoy a bicycle ride on the pathway that runs along the ocean. 

Stanley park offers a spread of restaurants, cafes, and local food vendors from where you can buy scrumptious food. 

You can spend a lazy day at the park and get a trip on the train or get up and walk around yourself. The Park has plenty to offer and you and your kids will not feel bored for a second. 

  1. Visit The Science World

A huge dome of glass can not be missed in the city’s skyline. This magical building is heaven for science and nature lovers. Every corner of the building will have you mesmerized and in awe. 

You can learn more about the human body in detail at the museum or broaden your knowledge about the millions of animal and plant species. 

The science world building is mostly taken over by exhibitions and experimental labs. You can take your kids to experience some scientific experiments and see with their eyes what they learn at school. 

You can spend an entire day at the museum without feeling sleepy or uninterested. 

  1. Learn About Aquatic Life At Aquarium

Who does not love to solve the mystery of the underworld? If you want to know more about the colorful life in the ocean, visit the Vancouver Aquarium. It is located in Stanley Park and will keep you and your kids occupied for a long time. 

You can know more about aquatic species such as fish, frogs, turtles, sea lions, and penguins by visiting the aquarium.

The aquarium authorities keep their audience interested by offering story times, special presentations, and shows as well. You should not miss out on this knowledgeable experience. 

  1. Book An Aquabus Ride

Aquabus is not an ordinary ferry. This water taxi is a colorful ferry that putters around Granville Island, Yaletown, Plaza of The Nations, and other small villages. 

You can take your kids on this unique ride. You can either buy a round-trip ticket where you see the entire cityscape on the ferry, or you can buy a day’s pass and hop in and out at your pleasure. 

Your kids will love the ferry ride and you will too. 

  1. Enjoy Delicacies At Granville Island

Among many stops on the ferry, Granville Island is the most visited one. This small village invites locals and tourists with a breathtaking view and plenty of shopping markets. 

On Granville Island, you can take a self-guided tour to taste all the local and international delicacies. You will find fruits and vegetables that you might not have even heard of. You can taste these yummy food items and enhance the experience for your kids. 

You might also find handmade items in the local shops that you can easily buy as souvenirs. Exploring the island by foot is one of the best activities when you are visiting Vancouver with your kids. 

  1. Sun Tan At The Beaches

You and your family have got to love the sunny beaches and sand under their toes. If you are a big beach fan, you have to visit the beaches in Vancouver. 

There are two beaches in Stanley Park, called The Second and The Third beach. You can enjoy a good sun tan at the beach, or play different games with your kids. You can build a sand castle or play volleyball with your kids. 

There is another beach in Vancouver, called Kitsilano, or Kits Beach.  This beach might give you a pyre San Francisco vibe. You can find plenty of eateries, shops, and museums on the beach premises. 

  1. Visit The Playland

If you fly into Vancouver in the summer, you might be able to catch the Pacific National Exhibition(PNE). More specifically, your kids will love a visit to Playland. 

This amusement park offers the ultimate fun experience for the entire family. If you have toddlers, they might enjoy a mellow ride, while the older kids can enjoy adventurous and thrilling roller coaster rides. 

You can also participate in the carnival games and get your face painted by the stalls that might appear around the Park. You can fill up your stomachs with deep-fried food and much more amusement park feasts. 

During summer, you will be able to enjoy a concert at night. Your kids might be too tired but you can enjoy a great time. 

  1. Watch A Live Sports Game

Lastly, if you are a big sports fan, mostly boys are, then you can easily catch up on professional sports in Vancouver. There is always a game between a home team and visitors going on in Vancouver. 

You can enjoy the local games, such as ice hockey, at the local sports center. Watching a live game in a stadium can have an ultimate life experience that you can not have on the TV screen. 

Take your kids along and enjoy a good sports game. You can enjoy the time with drinks and food and encourage the local players. 

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