Traveling Outside UAE: Tips to Manage Expenses During Holidays

Are planning to travel abroad this season? Sounds awesome! What isn’t awesome, however, is the mountain of expenses that piles up during an international trip especially if you are living in the UAE. Here’s a little secret, though: you can always find a way to reduce holiday travel expenses using a few simple tricks. Want to try them for yourself?

Check these out!

Plan In Advance

The first and most common mistake that blows your expenses out of proportion is when you don’t research and plan your trip in advance. Thanks to the internet and countless travel blogs on YouTube and Instagram, you can discover anything about things from hotel rooms to water parks to literary sittings to cuisine festivals, along with their average expense literally. Using this information, you can plan your entire trip in advance so that you don’t overspend later on!

Pack Your Own Essentials

As much as we all enjoy airline meals and hotel shampoos, we can’t ignore the expenses that entail these items. So if you’re trying to get your holiday squeezed into a manageable budget, you may want to skip that airline bologna sandwich and pack your own meal for the flight instead. 

Similarly, you can also pack your own shampoo, toothpaste, soap, towel, deodorant, and other essentials that you can otherwise get from your hotel through additional expenses. 

These will help you in bringing down the average cost of your travel and lodgings, and this way, you can accommodate other expenses with the amount that you save up!

Use an Expense Tracker or Travelcard

Keeping a mental track of all your transactions will just add to your worries and stress. Besides, given the hundreds of on-the-spot expenses that pop up during a trip, you’re bound to lose track of how much you’re spending on your holidays.

Using an expenses tracker software program or a smartphone app is perhaps the best solution for travelers. You can even connect these apps with your bank accounts and manage how much money you extract from them there. 

If you’re eligible for a travel card get one from a bank that gives travel cards perks like complimentary travel insurance and access to many airport facilities that’ll help you save some money.

Book Transit Flights

Yes, yes. It’s not exactly fun to wait for hours at a random airport while you’re on your way to Africa. You’d rather get a nonstop flight, even in the economy, if it helps you get there faster! 

If you’re in favor of nonstop flights, you should probably consider how much more expensive they are as compared to transit flights. Sure, you may have to suffer a few extra hours for your trip, but all the same, you’ll be able to keep your overall expense within the budget. You may also be able to change your flight status after a transit if you feel like bringing a change in your expenses.


All set for your next vacation to the Bahamas? Enjoy your trip better with these four abovementioned money-managing hacks especially If you have a bank card for travelling


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