Travel Tips for Safe Driving During Winters

During winter everything becomes a struggle and a safety concern as well especially driving and ensuring vehicle safety is very tiring. If it is the holiday season then it all becomes even more problematic because you simply have to go out for holiday prep, supply runs, groceries and gift shopping etc. If you have to fly away to be with your friends and family then it is going to be even harder to find a safe meet and greet at Gatwick parking spot for the holidays as the airport vacancies tend to get filled up pretty quickly. A lot of people are left hanging and looking for alternates at the last minute which is going to need some compromises and high prices services. These last minute arrangements are going to put travellers over they allocated budget which is definitely not good.

The best tip here would be to try to get everything done before the holiday weekend. Get your groceries and gift shopping done so that you only go out if you have to get essentials. The same goes for travelling or flying during the winter holidays. You should try to book a flight on the week days on both sides which is definitely going to be cheaper than the holiday weekend flight rates and have a better chance of getting an alternate in case of weather related delays and cancellations. 

Also you should have some emergency items in your car to make sure if you run into a problem you also have the tool to get out of it. Parking for prolonged durations can be very problematic and a major cause of vehicle breakdown, including if your car gets buried under snow. So, make a kit and put it in your car with flashlight, ice salt, shovel, blanket, an old pair of boots, batteries. Jumper cables, windshield scrapers, etc. It would also be great to toss in a few protein bars.

Before winter fully sets in and holiday fever is at its peak, you should get your car checked out or at least have it tuned in before you park it for your holiday trip with cheap airport parking deals. It will make your car winter ready and spare you a lot of hassle later on. The major focus should be on tyres if a storm is imminent. If needed, invest in tire chains too for optimal security. Once all these safety precautions are in place to follow this golden rule of “See and be seen”. Always be mindful of your responsibilities regarding vehicle safety. Keep an eye on your headlights and tail lights and have them cleaned regularly. Also, clean your windows to make sure the defrosters are working. If snow builds up on your vehicle overnight, clear it carefully so that it doesn’t blow off and obstructs your view. Leaving some extra space between cars is wise. You should be attentive to both front and back while driving as a golden rule to be followed at all times.

Modern cars have certain features that may be dangerous for you in harsh weather conditions. In some SUVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles, there would be better traction while the car is under way, but this four-wheel drive will not help you stop quickly at all. You should also skip the cruise control because it might accelerate when you don’t want or need it to like while you are climbing an icy bridge.

You should also be careful of certain stretches of read that merge in their surroundings like small bridges and overpasses with a gradual or non-existent change in elevation. These structures are susceptible to icing all over much faster than regular black tops. Always look out and ahead for these short stretches of road when the temperature drops below freezing. If you don’t know how to drive on icy surfaces, just don’t.