Travel safe: Top 10 Android Apps for Business Travellers

As a global business executive, you know the demands of traveling. I was on the road for more than 120 days in a year and supported clients’ traveling teams every day. So how do I stay connected? These are my top picks for Android apps – an essential tool to help me stay connected while on the road.

“I use my phone as a mini computer and communication tool while on the road, just like most people. Because of its extensive selection of apps, my Apple iPhone is my primary device. For those occasions when I have to take my iPhone with me, I also use my Android OS phone. It has a wide range of great apps and saves me data roaming fees.

I’m constantly trying out new apps and testing them to make sure they meet my needs as well as the needs of our clients. Here is a list with my top travel apps. These are the ones that I consider indispensable for helping me stay connected even when I am traveling across time zones. These apps were chosen based on three criteria.

1. Provision of knowledge and data I don’t own
2. Expertise and richer web-based content versions are backed up
3. The application version is easy to use, fast and functional.

These are my top recommendations for Android users looking for travel apps:

Oanda currency converter

It’s essential to be up-to-date on currency conversion rates when you travel often or if you are a new traveler. The Oanda Currency Convertor is easy to use and can be used for multiple trips.

Wi-Fi Finder – 

Connectivity and communication are a constant concern for business travelers, even those in developing countries. If I have any questions or need to send files or access information, I would like to be able find out if there are any Wi-Fi hotspots in the vicinity of my current location or accommodation. Wi-Fi Finder can be used to find Wi-Fi hotspots and other information that is useful for planning your trip.

Talk to Me Classic –

If you travel to places where the language or writing is not your native tongue, it is essential to be able communicate with the people, even if you only know the basics. Talk to me allows you to communicate in your native language into many other languages. This is a great way to communicate with taxi drivers and hotel staff.

Places Directory – 

Whether you are a first-timer or a frequent traveler Places Directory will give you advice and guidance about the closest ATM, restaurant or entertainment facility, as well as where to shop. It is always being updated. I love this application for helping me get my bearings and to reduce the time spent looking for places to eat while on the road.

Call Log Calendar – 

Track phone calls and conversations while you’re away or working on other tasks. This app allows you to export all your phone log information into your schedule so that you can track times, dates, conversations for follow up, and even billing information.

Kayak Hotel and Fly Search-Again. 

I enjoy spending some time planning before I make any commitments or confirm any trips. You can access great information and data quickly from your phone using the kayak application, including hotel/flight selections and other management needs. This is not only a great tool for preplanning, but it also works well on the road and when plans change.

My Tracks-

This application is primarily for the business traveler, but it can also be used to track your fitness and exercise. This is what I use when I travel to new places or follow unclear directions. It helps me know where I have been and where to go. Planners will find it useful when planning for emergency routes, evacuation routes, or just the shortest route between two points.

Footprints (HTC). 

The HTC Android comes preloaded HTC Footprints. This allows people to record their favorite locations and events using a digital postcard that they create on their smartphone. Footprints allow you to capture a photo and make audio clips of your favorite restaurant or other special place, while also identifying the exact geographical location. Footprints not only identifies each postcard by its GPS coordinates but also auto-names them with their general area or location. This is a great way to remember or revisit client locations, accommodation, or places to eat.

WaveSecure Mobile Security –

Mobile phones can be easily lost or stolen when you travel. Protecting your personal information as well as any information that relates to your company or job function is crucial. WaveSecure Mobile Security allows you to remotely lock your device and preserve any information you want to protect. If someone attempts to install another SIM card, you can be notified.


It seems like there is always an urgent need to communicate. This app is perfect for connecting with your mobile device and laptop via the internet. You can use it to connect to one or more devices to send and receive email or to access cloud computing sites. It’s an excellent alternative to having instant access at airports or hotels.There is a possibility of travel via Gulf Air and Saudi Airlines.