Travel Post Covid – New Instructions and Guidelines

As per the WHO, there are certain guidelines any international traveler should keep in mind while flying to a foreign destination.

The face mask is mandatory and must be over the nose at all times. Also, the chairs marked “Not for use” shouldn’t be occupied, as they’re there to maintain social distancing.

Lastly, a safety kit is provided to the passengers at every boarding gate of most airports, which must be collected and appropriately utilized by the travelers.

However, given the recent rise in covid cases, many countries have shut their borders for foreign visitors — a piece of distressing news to the avid travelers, but to their relief, some countries are still open to visitors!

Destinations You Can Visit Now | Mexico and Costa Rica

The vigilant authorities of Mexico and Costa Rica have kept the covid outbreak appreciably suppressed. Thanks to their efforts, these mesmerizing destinations are open to international tourists even in the current trying times.

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For visiting Mexico, you need a Mexico Tourist Card, obtainable by simply providing the details of your passport and a clear passport-sized photograph. Depending on your nationality, however, your itinerary details may also be needed.

And when it comes to visiting Costa Rica, the situation could never be simpler as all you need is a health declaration form to enter the country!

This form can be obtained by submitting only your passport and medical insurance details.

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Travel That is Currently Banned Post Covid

Amid the covid outbreak, not only have many countries imposed a mandatory quarantine, but they have also restricted entries and travel permissions — tourism has almost come to a halt across the entire globe!

Some countries have outright banned travels and visits to/from the whole world! These countries are:

·       Algeria

·       Mauritius

·       Morocco

·       Suriname

·       Uruguay

·       Venezuela

·       Canada (with the exception of essential US nationals and other diplomats)

·       Bhutan

·       India

·       Kuwait

·       Qatar

·       Saudi Arabia

·       Singapore

·       Vietnam

·       Yemen

·       Fiji

·       Hungary

·       Isle of Man

·       French Polynesia

Other countries have also banned travels in and out of them post covid. However, their policies allow short-notice changes and exceptions for non-resident spouses, children, parents, and/or ministers.

In the latest — that is, the third wave or covid — several European Union nations have also re-imposed lockdown, fueled by the new mutant covid strains, especially the B117 that was first discovered in the UK.

The heavy domination of this new strain has profoundly restricted and discouraged travels in countries such as:

·       Germany

·       Italy

·       Denmark

·       The Netherlands

·       Ireland

·       France

·       Spain

·       Portugal

Let’s have a look at the travel policies of certain countries.

Covid-19 Travel Policies


From the last year’s 16th of October, only travelers from New Zealand are allowed to enter any Australian state or region, except Western Australia, without being subjected to a mandatory quarantine.

Travelers from any other country except New Zealand are allowed to enter, but must stay in mandatory quarantine for 14 days!

On top of that, if you’re an Australian resident, you’re not allowed to exit the country unless you fulfill exceptional requirements, but traveling isn’t one of them. Hence, for the Aussies out there, international travel is hugely limited.

The Australian authorities have also been vocal about keeping the Australian borders closed for any foreign travelers until late 2021! Bad news for the ones who dreamt of visiting the beautiful Opera House this year!

New Zealand

Since the 19th of March of the past year, New Zealand’s borders are shut for all tourists of any nationality.

However, from the March of this year, everyone — foreign nationals and New Zealand residents that are currently abroad — are allowed to enter New Zealand, but they’re compulsorily required to undergo MIQ (Managed Isolation and Quarantine) for 14 days following their entry.

MIQ will usually cost you 3000 New Zealand Dollars, however, if you plan on staying in New Zealand for more than 90 days, the MIQ charges are covered by the New Zealand government.

Nevertheless, online tourist applications aren’t currently being accepted by New Zealand’s immigration authorities.


Unfortunately, Canada is also closed to all visitors and travelers — with the exception of its citizens, permanent residents, diplomats, ministers, and immediate family members of Canadian passport holders.

Travels from the US to Canada are also closed, as the Canada-US border is shut, except for essential visitors — from which tourism is excluded.

If you fall under the “exception category” and find your way into Canada via air, sea, or land, the authorities impose a 14 days self-isolation requirement.

Additionally, from the 21st of January of this month, anyone eligible to enter Canada who is older than the age of 5 must show a negative covid medical report to gain access into the country.


Egypt fits into the picture as a breath of fresh air for the travelers!

Since the 1st of July, 2020, Egypt has opened its borders for tourism.

If you’re fed up with lockdown and can’t resist the urge to travel, you’re going to be glad to know that the tourist eVisa for Egypt can be applied for with just a passport, a photograph, and a negative covid-19 medical report!

Natvisa can help you explore the ever-mystifying Pyramids of Giza and the Nile river with its straightforward and affordable Egypt tourist eVisa processing!


India, following the World Health Organisation guidelines, has also shut its borders — land, sea, and air — for all international travelers!

Even the non-resident Indian passport holders cannot enter India for tourism until further notice. This means, most likely, any Indian resident living abroad or non-Indian passport holder won’t be able to take part in the colorful Indian festivals this year!


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