Travel In Pakistan For A Memorable Vacation Trip

Pakistan offers a diverse and delightful combination of places to travel, natural beauty, ancient history, and centuries-old traditions. Tourists are treated with the friendliness of the Pakistani people, so you’ll take back memories and a positive outlook on Pakistan.

Foreign visitors have to be especially cautious when traveling to Pakistan due to the country’s security situation. Notably, even though some parts of the country are not safe and should be avoided, most of Pakistan is a safe destination for foreigners. Here are some locations that can provide you with an enjoyable vacation experience:


Start your visit to Islamabad, the green capital city of PakistanLok Versa Heritage and Museum, Pakistan Monument and Museum, Saidpur Village (an old Mughal village), Faisal Mosque (the largest mosque in South Asia). If interested in hiking routes, then try Margalla Hills. Pir Sohawa, at the top of Margalla Hills, is a must-see. You can have lunch or dinner at the restaurant there and enjoy the incredible views and try something new in your meal.


If you are interested in the archeological sites dating back to the Buddhist era (600 BC to 500 AD), go to Taxila. There is 50 archeological site scattered in an area of 30 km around Taxila. Some essential sites are Bhir Mound, Sirkap, Jandial Temple, Julian Monastery, and many more.

Murree, Patriata, Ayubia:

Pakistan is a beautiful cultural experience that will provide you more than just memories of your trip. Murree, only 35 kilometers away from Islamabad, is the quaint hill station called the Queen of Hills. There are shops and hotels all along Mall Road and in the adjacent streets, so there’s plenty to do while visiting Pakistan!

Patriata attracts many tourists because of its height and the cable car/chairlift that provides a scenic view for enthusiasts who hike or walk to the top. Ayubia National Park, 25 km away from Murree, is well known for its picnic spots, hiking trails, chairlift access to a nearby summit, and beautiful scenery surrounding green hills.


A 4-hour car trip or luxurious bus ride can take you to the heart of Pakistan, Lahore. But unless you’ve been to Lahore, it’s as if you haven’t seen a thing in this country! To start your exploration of this friendly and hospitable country, some must-see places to visit are: Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort), Badshahi Masjid, Shalimar Gardens, Lahore Museum, Tomb of Emperor Jahangir, Data Darbar. Check out for the best hotels in Lahore.

Malam Jabba:

Malam Jabba is an excellent ski resort in the Karakoram range and black mountains, located 300 kilometers from Islamabad. This location has one of the most scenic views compared to any other alternative across Pakistan.

The highest point of this slope is 9200 feet. A couple of trails pass through Ghorband valley (18 km) and Sabonev Valley(17 km). Around the Malam Jabba area, there are two Buddhist Stupas and six monasteries (Shah-Ji-ki-Dheri). The most famous monastery is the Tilla Jogian which can be reached after a 2 hours’ trek from Malam Jabba.

The best way to see the country is by experiencing it. Traveling in Pakistan will open your eyes and heart, enabling you to grow as a person. We hope this blog post has given you some helpful information on planning an unforgettable vacation trip! For more travel tips, please visit our website at Lahore Hotels to review the best hotels in Lahore.