Traqade: The Right Fitness Club Software to Skyrocket Your Business

For the last several years, the fitness industry of India has faced astounding growth. Currently, the fitness market of India is deserving beyond 8500 crores and has been forecasted to increase at an average growth of 9.3% per annum within 2018 to 2022. Indeed there is an increasing requisition for fitness clubs amid the Indian consumer base as per the latest IHRSA Asia Pacific Report 2018. The mentioned report also shows there is a 10% increase in the number of fitness clubs as well as a 28% rise in the average number of members per club.

Identically with the other sites, the primary role is played by technology in revoking the fitness industry we are experiencing nowadays. Additionally, there are many fitness club software available in the market to provide us with some help.


These fitness applications provide the feature of customer management, data security and many more. Each software is similar to the other but there are some differences too. Some of them provide with high-quality treatment. Traqade is one of them that comes with unique features and functionalities that make it stand out in the crowd.

What is Traqade?

Traqade is a fitness software powered by Gympik, which is a health and fitness collector that assembles the best gym, aerobics centres, yoga classes, Zumba classes, yoga instructors, personal trainers and dietitians in the city. It’s the foremost gym administration system for the fitness industry. This software also impels one’s business by giving them a direct approach to India’s largest network of 500,000+ active fitness users per month.


Why Traqade?

It helps the gym owners to accomplish quality management tasks as well as helps them in lead marketing and advertising campaigns successfully. It is an all-inclusive gym management system that enables owners and managers to look after the tasks which are related to admission and retention.


Traqade offers an easy-to-use interface and provides the users with a multipurpose club management platform that is built against the best practices of the fitness industry. It is developed and composed of some of the best creative minds with years of experience in this industry. Traqade is furnished with surplus features making it the most suitable option for the fitness club owners of India. The key-features of Traqade to make it stick out, are as follows:


For the Traqade Monthly Package:


  • Email and SMS notifications (the perfect timing of the alerts to notify the members and the staffs makes it A+)
  • Data encryption
  • Reports
  • Staff management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Tasks
  • Discount management
  • Data analysis
  • Member management


For She Standard Package:


  • Data Analysis
  • Customer Engagement
  • Multiple Authentication
  • Multi-user login and role-based access
  • Data encryption
  • Backup and restore
  • Data security
  • Referral and rewards
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Workout tracking


This software also features the best promising security to protect the data from getting mishandled. If somehow the system crashes or the data breaches, the automatic backups of the data help with the recovery of information

Benefits of Using Traqade

It is a huge help for the gym and fitness studio owners. It has so much to provide for all and it ensures a very simple but refreshing interface. This software assures the active fitness community with enhanced gym management operations, which refers to the speeding up of the member procurement scheme by approaching the biggest fitness consumer network of India. Again it has a promising design to get a connected experience, ensuring the members anytime, anywhere. Also, it has data-driven analytics, which is very helpful to leverage monopoly insights that help to increase the lifetime value, advocacy and loyalty of the members. It permits one to think and reach beyond the boundaries of managing the fitness studio. With the innovative features of this fitness software, one can surely:


  • Gain new members to the organisation way faster.
  • Communicate with the members better.
  • Improve with the best approaches in market automation.
  • Have the Android and iOS apps to give the club a tech-savvy edgy vibe.
  • Track the workout and nutrition of the members to motivate them.
  • Alert the member and staff by utilising the perfectly timed email and SMS alerts.
  • Increase brand loyalty by awarding incentives for member referrals.
  • Ensure the members that their data is safe, which is a result of the hard work of the data security engineers round the clock.




Traqade uses 128-bit end-to-end encryption to encrypt and decrypt the data, which is the latest. This gives fine-grained control and allows to assign permissions to the members and staffs based on their role in the organisation. It has an extra layer of security which provides two different authentication factors for verification.


Traqade is the best amongst all fitness software in the market. According to GenY, the owners of the clubs and the trainers, this is an outstanding software which hit like a wave in this decade.



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