Training Bodies Bash At DVSA Due To The Reduction In HGV Tests

According to research that Logistics Skills Network carried out, about 118,000+ HGV tests need to be taken over the next 12 months. It is known that in the year 2020, only 15,547 drivers were able to pass the test when compared to a five-year average of 41,730. 

The tests have been continued since the last month; however, LSN made a statement that the drivers were having a hard time to fulfill the entire requirements of the tests from DVSA. This resulted in a huge shortfall of about 27.65%. It has been heard that if this were extrapolated compared to the five-year average, it would result in 19,908 fewer tests in the year 2020 when compared to the previous years. 

Due to the shortfall, LSN has said that there is a need for 28-30 additional examiners for the HGV tests, held by HGV training & recruitment company. However, even this will not cope with the backlog from the previous year, and the number needs to be near the figure 100. 

LSN also represents the UK logistics and has asked DVSA to come up with better plans to solve the driver shortage in the industry. This was around the figure 60,000 before March 2020. 

How Did The Trainers Respond? 

One trainer has been noted saying that he is unsure about the plans DVSA is using to handle the trainer booking allocations. He is keen to find out what tactics are being used here. Another trainer has said that the teams are pretty hard to get a hold of, especially when an issue needs to be catered. He added, saying that the system puts tests on hold that lead to a call about three hours long, to get the allocation re-released. 

Statement Made By DVSA 

On the other hand, a DVSA spokesman responded to all of this, saying that their team is working hard in order to provide as many driving test slots as possible to candidates. Moreover, they’re prioritizing the safety of examiners as well as candidates during this time. 

Moreover, he added saying that since the tests have been resumed, DVSA has increased the number of tests available through increasing operating hours and keeping a check on the staff conducting the driving tests. This way, about 3000 Large Goods Vehicle tests are carried out every week and about 4000 taking place until now. He also mentioned the DVSA understands the demand for tests due to the pandemic and is working with the driver training industry. 

Additional Information Provided by DVSA

DVSA provided other information as well. This includes: 

  • Training and vocational driving tests has been resumed in England and Wales since 12 April, and since 26 April in Scotland. 
  • The national lockdown resulted in huge demand for tests. This is where DVSA has put a lot of effort to increase the practical driving tests. This includes offering overtime as well as annual leave to examiners. Moreover, asking the staff to conduct out of hours testing. This includes public holidays, etc. 
  • DVSA is well aware of the huge effect of the pandemic on businesses; however, its main focus is ensuring everyone remains safe.