Tradingkit is a project created by traders for traders

https://tradingkit.net is a project created by traders for traders and fully covers the foremost desired aspects of lucrative forex trading. There are presented numerous trading strategies, provided the foremost valuable indicators for forex trading, and reviews about the popular forex brokers.

On the web site, all the knowledge is exclusive and written by experienced professionals that probe details all told the mentioned trading aspects.

Trading strategies

The key point that each trader needs to obtain may be a forex trading strategy. We’ve collected information during years of experience and structured it within the Forex Trading Strategies section. There are revealed all the most strategy types like scalping, day trading, swing trading, long-term trading, or so-called investing, and samples of trading strategies are provided likewise.

Every trader has got to choose a technique that’s suitable for his personality in terms of your time within the market, acceptable risks and profits, signal frequency, and other factors. to realize this goal, each strategy on TradingKit.net encompasses a full description of entry and exit rules, screenshots with trading setups, and a number of other hints for profitable trading in line with the chosen trading strategy.

On the web site, special notice is given to algorithmic strategies that are so popular nowadays due to widely spread trading terminals with API, wizards that allow to simply create an automatic strategy, and freelancers that may create the required forex robot for a reasonable price.

Moreover, we keep updating the strategies list and are sure that each single trader that’s seeking an acceptable strategy will find it on TradingKit.net.

Trading indicators

The web is overloaded with various trading software like forex robots, indicators, and scripts that’s why on TradingKit.net there exists a separate section with forex indicators that certainly give a footing in trading. Long-standing expertise has allowed creating an inventory of tools that may be easy to use and helpful not only in terms of earning money but similarly as preventing losses like Risk Manager software does.

Among the software that’s associated with trading strategies, there’s a Supply and Demand indicator with a multi-timeframe feature, swap zones that represent the core basics of the market i.e. zones of pure interest of buyers and sellers on different assets. there’s presented a Supertrend indicator that enables defining easily the present trend direction. Swap Indicator has the power to point out the swap rates for all the instruments within the trading terminal with a range of settings. There also are so-called Multiple indicators that allow getting an summary of all the popular oscillators and indicators like RSI, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands, and other indicators in one place. There are far more products available so better to familiarize themselves with them directly within the Trading indicators section of the web site.

Important to say, that every one the trading tools are tested for years, have multiple adjustable settings, desktop alerts, and mobile PUSH notifications for iOS and Android. the various reviews by live-trading professionals that use it on a day after day is an organic proof of its quality and value.

Forex brokers reviews

Lately, the amount of forex brokers has significantly increased due and now comes near one thousand. A retail trader can wander away altogether this manifold of brokers that provide its services to customers. that’s why we’ve analyzed numerous brokers both well-known like eToro, Oanda, Forex.com, Exness, IC Markets, and also less familiar to the bulk like TradersWay, FxChoice, Hugosway, KOT4X, and others.

There are loads of aspects that must be taken into consideration before making a deposit to a particular company.

A reliable broker needs to have multiple licenses in multiple trusted legislations like FCA, CySEC, NFA, ASIC, and a few others so a trader may be legally protected. A solid company must provide decent market conditions in terms of spreads, commissions, and execution. For usability, each broker must have various funding options with low or perhaps absent fees to form deposits and withdrawals easier.

Customer support may be a vital measure for review because there may well be many questions associated with services provided by brokers like KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, trading terminals availability, deposits and withdrawals statuses, instrument specifications, and others. that’s why we are seeking a quick and qualified support team at every brokerage that we place a review for.

There are even more aspects that are revealed in reviews on TradingKit.net and are definitely worth to be familiarized with. Each review is fair because TradinKit.net doesn’t make reviews for income.

Various Articles

It is obvious that in trading there are lots of other topics that need to be covered and explained besides indicators, brokers, and methods. that’s why we’ve got created a separate section on TradingKit.net where we post our overviews about different aspects. we’ve reviews of Forex Factory, Babypips, and Myfxbook.

There has been published a commentary about Heiken Ashi candlesticks that are quite popular among the traders. We tend to fill this division of our website with helpful content so it’ll be a definitely good idea to own this page within the bookmarks.