Traders Union experts revealed My Forex Funds review

Forex trading is ever-evolving, with new companies emerging to help traders maximize their potential. One such company that has recently caught the attention of many traders is My Forex Funds.

Recognizing the growing interest in this proprietary trading firm, TU experts published the My Forex Funds review to provide an in-depth analysis of its offerings, advantages, and disadvantages. This review will enable traders to make informed decisions and understand the importance of selecting the right trading partner.

What is proprietary trading?

According to Traders Union experts, Forex proprietary trading refers to trading financial instruments in the foreign exchange market using funds provided by a prop firm. A trader can utilize various trading strategies, employing fundamental or technical analysis, in order to generate profits for both themselves and the prop firm. In this arrangement, prop traders share their profits with the prop firm that supplies the trading capital.


  • Leverage: Traders can benefit from the leverage provided, allowing them to take larger positions in the market.
  • Reduced commissions: Prop traders can enjoy lower commissions due to the high trading volumes of prop firms.
  • Professional community: Trading alongside successful market professionals fosters a sense of community, potentially elevating a trader’s performance.


  • Stress: Trading with someone else’s money can be stressful, as losing the capital and being accountable for the losses can be emotionally draining.
  • Lack of job security: If a trader fails to generate profits, they may be removed from the prop trading program.
  • Fees and capital investment: Prop firms may charge platform access, training, and account access fees. Additionally, a trader might need to make an initial capital deposit to serve as a “risk buffer.”

Advantages and disadvantages of My Forex Funds

Traders Union experts have carefully analyzed My Forex Funds and identified several advantages and disadvantages of the platform:


  • No country restrictions (except Canada): My Forex Funds accommodates traders from a vast majority of countries, including the USA, offering them the opportunity to become company clients.
  • Wide range of financing plans: The platform provides an extensive selection of financing options, catering to its traders’ diverse preferences and requirements.
  • Loyal drawdown level requirements: With lenient requirements for general and daily drawdown levels, My Forex Funds allows traders increased flexibility in managing their portfolios.
  • High trader profit share: Traders can earn a substantial portion of the total profits generated, with profit shares ranging between 12% and 85%.
  • Low capital requirement: By paying just $49, traders gain access to the company’s capital for management, making it an affordable option for many.
  • Partnership and bonus programs: These programs provide additional incentives and rewards for traders, further enhancing the platform’s appeal.


  • Fee per lot on spreads: Charging fees per lot for spreads on all trading instruments could negatively impact the profitability of traders.
  • Restrictions on trading strategies: Limiting the range of permissible trading strategies could hinder the flexibility and creativity of traders in their pursuit of various trading approaches.
  • Lack of telephone technical support: The unavailability of telephone support may lead to slower resolution times for technical issues or concerns, which could be frustrating for some traders.

Traders Union has conducted a thorough evaluation and analysis of numerous proprietary trading firms in the industry to help traders identify the best options for their requirements. Accordingly, they have compiled a list of popular proprietary trading firms on their website.


In conclusion, My Forex Funds offers a unique approach to proprietary trading with various advantages and disadvantages. The company’s focus on providing capital to professional traders and its impressive profit-sharing schemes make it an attractive option for experienced traders. However, its fees and restrictions may deter some traders from choosing My Forex Funds as their trading partner. To learn more about My Forex Funds and other proprietary trading firms, visit the Traders Union’s official website to make an informed decision about your trading future.