TradeBaionics Review – Is TradeBaionics Scam or Legit?

TradeBaionics Review

Knowing about a fantastic broker like TradeBaionics can be the difference-maker when it comes to making money via online trading. This is because the broker in question has been known to offer a lot of useful trading tools to work with in addition to a strong asset index as well as a great trading platform. If you wish to know more, then keep reading our TradeBaionics review as we go over some of the key components that make this broker an amazing choice among online brokerages.

Account types

One of the main aspects about this broker, which has really helped it stand out above its competitors, is that of the account types that it has provided. Whereas other brokers would normally offer about four to five account types at the most, TradeBaionics has provided a whopping seven different account options that traders all over the world can choose from.

The account types start from the basic option and steadily increase in difficulty, cost of usage, and the different services, features and tools that are provided to the traders. The seven different account options are hence named ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’, ‘Platinum’, ‘Diamond’, ‘Premium’ and ‘VIP’. Furthermore, there is also an account option that is Islamic-friendly, so if you happen to be a Muslim, then you should check this out as well.

Trading platform

If you are looking for a professional, sleek and easy to utilize the trading platform, then you are in luck as this is exactly what TradeBaionics has provided to its clients. Not only is the trading platform well designed, but everything is clear, and the process of navigating through it is quite straightforward. TradeBaionics also uses the MetaTrader trading platform, and it has added both MT4 and MT5. 

Moreover, both mobile, as well as web-based trading services and accessibility, have been added by the broker too. This increases the number of users that TradeBaionics has on a regular basis, as now it is possible to trade from anywhere and from virtually any device.

Asset index

Some would say that having a strong and diverse asset index is perhaps the most important factor that must be taken into consideration prior to choosing a broker. We believe that there is a lot of truth to this argument, as signing up with any given broker would ultimately be pointless if the asset of your choice turns out to not be listed after all. This is why it is of the utmost significance that the broker of your preference offers an expansive asset index, one that covers all of the bases.

To that end, TradeBaionics has quite a few tradeable assets to work with. Some of these assets involve cryptocurrencies, metals, commodities, stocks, indices, forex and CFDs. It is also possible to get involved with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) if you wish.

 Trading tools

When you sign up with a new broker in order to start trading online, you would expect that a number of handy and useful trading tools are also provided. You would therefore be delighted to know that TradeBaionics has offered several trading instruments that shall be placed at your disposal as soon as you register and create an account with the broker.

Some of the more noteworthy trading tools offered by TradeBaionics are price alerts, a help centre, one-on-one training, risk management and budget tools, an economic calendar, market analysis videos, graphs and charts, and finally, a trader’s guide.

Customer support

Signing up with a broker should not be done solely on the basis of a great trading platform or strong asset index, as according to our own experience and observation, we had often noticed that a reliable customer support service is what usually separates great brokers from the average ones. 

With that in mind, you should know that all potential problems and issues that you may face while trading online shall be solved in a timely manner, thanks to the broker’s customer support team. This team is fully capable as well as willing to help you out. You can contact the team via email and call-back options or even through a ‘Live Support’ function.

Final verdict

We have provided a lot of information to you in this review which offers clear evidence as to why TradeBaionics is indeed a fantastic broker. We would thus recommend that you check out the broker for yourself, as you are sure to not be disappointed. 

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