Topics You’ll Get to Learn in Advance Tally Prime Course

This course is an excellent option for those who want to build a career in accounting, taxation, and financial reporting as Kaushlam offers a complete and advance course of Tally Prime which covers all the topics and options available. This course is exclusively designed for you to understand the software in-depth. Topics you’ll get to learn in an advance tally prime course include accounting, inventory management, GST, TDS, return filing, payroll, and many more. At Kaushlam, this course is designed to handle accounts independently. In fact, it is also beneficial for the business firms; they are using this software because it is easy to use and helps in keeping an error-free record of a business’s accounts. 

Advance tally prime course by Kaushlam will help you gain vast knowledge. It is for all, whether you are a fresher or an experience holder in the field of accountancy, it will help you at every stage. This complete version of the advance tally prime course will especially help business owners by empowering them to securely access actionable insights and business reports from anywhere and at any point intime.Tally is a nice and the easiest software to use for complete business solutions and convenient to learn as well. With the goal to flourish and make every day simple and manage business more efficiently, enroll yourself in an advance tally prime course offered by  Kaushlam. 

Course Curriculum- Kaushlam

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Basic Accounting Terms
  • Recording of Transactions- Journal Entries
  • Ledger, Trial Balance, and Financial Statements
  • Introduction to Tally Prime
  • Company Creation
  • Creation of Ledger & Groups
  • Voucher Entry – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • Reporting
  • Memorandum, Debit & Credit Note Voucher
  • Purchase & Sales Order Process in Tally Prime
  • Accounts with Inventory Management
  • Banking
  • Import and Export of Data in Tally Prime
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
  • Cost Centre Feature in Tally Prime
  • Budget in Tally Prime
  • GST in Tally Prime – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  • Accounting Entries for TDS
  • TDS in Tally Prime
  • Payroll in Tally Prime – Part 1, Part 2 
  • E-ways Bill
  • GST Invoice, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Delivery Challan
  • Filing of GST Returns 3B and GSTR1 – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • Payment of GST

Who All Can Enroll For The Advance Tally Prime Course?

  • Students/ Job Seekers, who want better job opportunities and get paid more. Not only a full-time job but one can also work as a freelancer.
  • Working Professionals, who want to get better career options and want to get in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.
  • Business Owners, who want to improve their business’s financial visibility, execute their business planning in-budget. 

What To Expect From Kaushlam’s Advance Tally Prime Course?

  • This course will provide guidance in the day-to-day tasks of accountants.
  • This course will practically show how to actually use counting. 
  • Professional guidance on how to use Tally as a pro.
  • A strong foundation for the tally. 
  • Understanding account maintenance.

Highlights Of What Kaushlam Will Teach You In Advance Tally Prime Course-

The commercial world has expanded a lot and nearly exploded with the data and an abundance of knowledge that we aren’t capable of processing. We all need help! Help to automate various business functions. So, here is what Kaushlam is offering- Easy accounting in a digital way. 

  • Accounting, Book-keeping with each type of transaction such as sales, purchase, payment, and receipt.
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • TDS compliances 
  • GST compliances
  • Manage banking with bank reconciliation statements with ease.
  • Inventory Management
  • Tax Management
  • Job Work Analysis
  • Banking
  • Cost Center Management
  • Budget and scenario management
  • Financial and Taxation reporting 
  • Payroll and salary process with the use of Employee Data, and many more topics covered in the advance tally prime course.  

Benefits Of Getting A Job After Completing Advance Tally Prime Course

After learning the advance tally prime course from Kaushlam, you will get added advantage in your career by improving your knowledge in accounting and taxation. 

If we talk about job options available after completing the advance tally prime course from Kaushlam, there is a high demand for Tally Accountants or Tally Professionals. It is highly beneficial for fresher and professional who want to pursue accounting and manage accounts of a firm. 

Here are some of the job options you can easily get into- 

  • Book-Keeper– The bookkeeper is the one who makes a record of daily day-to-day transactions. The bookkeeper’s job is to maintain receipts, invoices, and payments and to make sure that everything is to be recorded, and also plays the role in data collection and data input of an accounting cycle. 
  • Accountant- The accountant’s role is to keep and examine the financial accounts of a business firm. 
  • Tax Accountant- Tax accountant is the job of financial experts who work with the clients to generate their tax returns under the guidance of government rules and regulations. 
  • Accounting Manager- The Accounting Manager is the supervisor of the accounting department. Their work is to develop and implement systems for analysis, verifying, and auditing financial information. 
  • Payroll Clerk- The payroll Clerk is the one who compiles and records employee timekeeping and payroll data. Their work is to perform a wide range of work. 

At Kaushlam, we provide the best platform to learn about the entire financial ecosystem.

Advanced Tally prime course will assist in better understanding of the above and pave a way for best career opportunities.

Enroll now!