Top Workplace PPE for your Employee Safety

There used to be a time when only business owners and workers were familiar with PPE, but the advent of COVID-19 has made PPE a household name. Nowadays, everybody knows how a PPE kit works and what it is used for but do you know the best PPE items that must be at your workplace?

Whether your business is customer-faced or office-based, you can’t ignore the importance of having PPE items, and therefore, in this blog post, we will discuss the list of essential PPE items that must be at your workplace.

Hand sanitizer

Washing your hand and using hand sanitizer is now more critical than ever because of the current global pandemic. It is necessary to choose one that fights against most of the viruses and bacterias.

But the germ-killing aspect and moisturization should be on an even keel in the sanitizer. This means on one side, the hand sanitizer should be able to kill 99.99% of the germs, and at the same time, it should contain Vitamin E and moisturizers so that your hands don’t become cracked up and start to ache.

So, while choosing aPPE Gear, look for only those hand sanitizers that are highly effective and, therefore, always choose a trusted brand.

Visors and face mask

Nowadays, the most notable change in the daily routine is adding a mask to your face. In the current global pandemic, wearing a mask has almost become a new normal, and masks are here to stay for an extended period, even when the dust will settle.

But you can’t use the BOYM (Bring Your Mask) approach at the workplace as even a single worker forgetting to bring a mask can expose others to the virus. Therefore, you should always have a disposable mask at the workplace if someone fails to get their mask.

Always remember that just like hand sanitizers, masks are also a crucial part of the PPE gear, and therefore, you should always choose good-quality masks.

Perspex screens

You might be able to implement social distancing at many places, but what about those spaces of your workplace where maintaining social distancing is almost impossible? This mostly happens in retails as at such sites, closer contact is crucial for day-to-day operation.

In such a situation, you can always go for the Perspex screens as it doesn’t act as an obstacle for the workers and keeps the employees and the customers safe. There are many good quality Perspex screens in the market, and you can always opt for one at a reasonable price.

Social distancing mats

Social distancing has almost become a new normal for everyone, and it is necessary to procrastinate the spread of the deadly virus. But sometimes, it can be challenging to know how far to stand from someone, especially in workplaces.

In such a situation, you can always use the wide range of social distancing mats and stickers available in the market. They come in various colors and sizes, and therefore, you can customize the overall look you get from using these mats and markers. Nowadays, having a PPE kit is not a formality for businesses, instead, it has become necessary. If you want to keep your workers safe from COVID-19 and all other viruses, you must ensure that you have all the items mentioned in this blog post. Moreover, always choose high-quality products to be included in the PPE kit.