Top Web Development Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Web development has successfully emerged as one of the important aspects of technology for starting off any business. For successful web development, you need to be aware of the recent trends. In previous years, we observed so many trends and some amazing trends this year as well. The web development industry is constantly on the move. So, you need to be updated about what’s happening around you. 

The failure of your website can be because of bad web design practices. So, we can see how essential web development is for the success of any business/organization. You can get in touch with any of the website development companies for a better understanding

Top Web Development Trends to Implement on Your Website

1) Progressive Web Apps 

Well, PWA is nothing new. However, it is one of the web development services that would dominate the year 2021. It is highly reliable and suitable for cross-device compatibility. With PWA, it would be easy to surf, less buff, and a high-quality user experience. Uber, Pinterest, Instagram are some of the apps that use PWA. Due to its mobile-friendliness, it is obvious that its demand would increase in the coming years. 

2) Web Assembly

While developing a website one of the most important things that shouldn’t be overlooked is its performance. Nobody likes waiting just to open a particular website. For that, WebAssembly is there as it significantly increases the user’s experience. The perks of using WebAssembly is that it provides high-level security, executes code fast, it’s independent of hardware and programming language. 

3) Artificial Intelligence Development

Nobody would visit your website twice if it fails to impress them. That can happen due to bad design practices. AI in web development would help you predict the things that would impress  users. The advantage of Incorporating AI in web development is that you don’t have to manually operate it. 

AI enables a better understanding of the following prospects: 

  • How many people are interested in buying things from your website? 
  • How many people visited your website? 
  • The time the customer would likely buy products you’re selling.
  • The products which are appreciated and disliked by the customers. 
  • What are the products the customers are planning to buy next? 

4) Voice Search Optimization 

Voice search optimization is one of those nifty features that are going to dominate the market this year. After all, it adds the flexibility of consuming and searching for content without laying a finger on the keyboard. That is why it is the job of every digital marketing company to pay close attention to voice search optimization. The very first step towards incorporating these trends is to streamline all the existing content on the website. Instead of focusing more on ranking and technicalities, they can bring forth a more natural tonality through their content. 

5) Mobile-Friendly Websites 

Developing a mobile-friendly website would be a smart move. Mobile-friendly websites can be accessed through different devices without any issue. These days, most developers aim at creating mobile-friendly websites so that they can get more users. You can always get in touch with a mobile app development company for a responsive website.

6) Motion UI Design to Boost Page Interactivity 


A website should give you all the information you need. However, it should have an attractive layout as well. Whenever a user is visiting your website, they shouldn’t be confused about what to do next. In such situations, Motion UI would guide the users and tell them what to do next. Motion UI helps users to have a better experience on a particular website. Look out for graphic designing services to make your website more visually appealing.

The Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned are some of the most anticipating web development trends to look out for in 2021. So, make sure to look out for these trends and implement them on your website. Your SERP ranking is going to improve in no time with the right digital marketing & IT solution firm.