Top Ways to Make Your Move Easier

You have made the decision to move but now you need to go through the process of actually getting your possessions into boxes. You have to figure out if you will hire help with your move, and you have to know what you can do to make your move go by as smoothly as possible.


Go Through Your Home and Get Rid of All You Do Not Need


There are items that you keep around that you do not use and that you are not emotionally attached to, and there is no reason for you to take those items to your new home. The less stuff that you decide to take with you, the less packing you will have to do. Go through your home and get rid of anything that is not useful or meaningful. It can be helpful to have a dumpster set up on your property for all of those items that you want to dispose of.


Figure Out Which Furniture is Going to Fit in Your New Home


There is no point in cramming a large sofa into a moving truck only to get to your new home and find out that there is no place for that sofa to go. Measure the rooms in your new home to make sure that you know which furniture is going to fit there. Sell or give away any furniture that is going to get in the way in your new home.


Put Some Items into Portable Storage Boxes


If you have some possessions that you are going to need eventually but that you will not need right away, put those items into portable storage boxes. It can be easier for you to move your things and unpack them in your new home when all of the nonessentials are put away somewhere. When you are ready to have everything in your new home, you can take things out of the portable storage boxes and put them away.


Turn on Music to Make Packing Fun


Packing up everything you own can get stressful and emotional. It can be helpful for you to have a distraction while you are working, and music can be the perfect distraction. Set up a speaker in your home and find inspirational songs to play. Turn the music up loud and turn your packing into a bit of a dance party.


Get Friends to Help You Before Your Big Moving Day


You might have asked for help for the actual moving day, but you could also benefit from having a friend with you as you figure out what you need to declutter. You can get a friend to give you advice as to which papers you need to keep and which you can toss, and you can get a friend to be there for you as you go through meaningful items.


Have Plenty of People Around on Your Big Moving Day


There is going to be a lot of manual labor that has to be done on the actual day when you are moving your possessions. See if some of your friends would be willing to help out with that labor. You might have a friend who is good at loading up a moving truck and making sure that everything fits. If so, let that friend take over as the boss of the whole project.


Your Move Does Not Have to be Stressful


Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your possessions, pack them up, and get them to your new home. You will not stress as much if you are not feeling rushed while moving.