Top Ways to Improve your Cyber Security Measures

In recent years, cybersecurity has been under threat continuously from people trying to steal your money or get into your private files to monetize them by selling them. Cybersecurity should now be the topmost priority to businesses and individuals, especially those in places of power or even celebrities. Cyberstalking is at an all-time high, and cases of kidnapping and even murder have been reported. People have started putting their every thought into the internet minute by minute, and tracking them has become increasingly easy.

There are ways in which people can protect themselves and their businesses from falling victim to these attacks.

Turn off Location on your Devices

The location on your device may seem like an inconsequential thing in the grand scheme of things, but this is the easiest way to get stalked online. When you post anything online with your location on it, anyone can see where you are posting from. Anyone a bit technologically savvy can use this location indicator to locate you.

If it is a must that you post your activities online, you can post after you leave the place you are. For example, if you want to notify people that you are having lunch at a particular place, you can record it and then post it after leaving the area. That way, you are safe from anyone stalking you.

Secure Passwords

Please do not use the same password for different things, be it in your business or on your devices. Using the same password is the fastest way to get hacked because once hackers get hold of your password, they have access to all your documents and accounts.

Do not use your children, pet, family members’ names as passwords; this is not secure at all. Try to make your password random, and most importantly, do not share your password with anyone. Ensure when using public facilities like cyber cafes, you log out, clear the history from the device, and check that your passwords are not saved on the devices.

Use Two-Factor Authentication Procedures

If it is available to you, the two-factor authentication is a lifesaver. This is because after logging in, you are asked a security question, and then a code is sent to your phone or email address for you to verify the authenticity of the login. You can also choose the option of getting a phone call instead of a message or email notification, deterring anyone from trying to hack into your accounts.

Backup Your Data

Data backup is crucial to businesses if, for instance, your business is hacked, and all information gets stolen or deleted. The backed-up data will prove very useful in getting your business back on track. You can create backups on the cloud or back them up of other devices and ensure they are password-protected.

Public Wi-Fi

Many security experts will warn you against using public Wi-Fi, like in coffee shops or libraries. Hackers frequent these places and get into people’s devices without detection. If your financial details are on your device, it is easy for them to clean you out. In business, create a public and private Wi-Fi network. Anyone can access the private network, but people who have clearance, thereby protecting your information can only access the private network.

SSO Login

Sometimes you get frustrated when you have to login or sign up every time you want to purchase something or apply to something; you can feel like you have mountains of different logins online. Single sign-on comes in as it allows customers to use the same password and username to connected applications.

For example, mobile SSO allows you to use the same login credentials across all your devices, easy, right? This business system increases the customers’ experience on your page by reducing the number of times they have to log in. SSO login will also reduce cost in the end as you didn’t have to have too many help desk issues being raised.

Whether in personal or business, making the right decision regarding cybersecurity is vital; make the wrong one, and leave you with real consequences. Look for the option that best fits your needs, and be vigilant anytime you are online.