Top Water Features to Add To Your Backyard This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to add some water features to your backyard. From small streams to swimming pools, there’s a water feature in the backyard for everyone on this list! But be warned – water features can be pretty expensive to set up, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough space before you start digging. 

In addition, water features can be a great addition to any landscaping design, but they’re not always practical or aesthetically pleasing. That’s where our tips come in. 

We’ll show you how to mix water into landscaping, design a modern-day moat, and line your yard with a small stream. 

Build a swimming pool, go natural with a small backyard pond, relax with a traditional fountain, and get creative with a decorative fountain. So we’re sure you’ll love whatever water feature you choose this spring!

Line Your Yard with a Small Stream

Water features are a great way to add natural beauty and tranquility to your backyard. You’ll create an inviting space that all can enjoy by lining your yard with a small stream. 

For a natural look, use boulders and logs for the stream bed. Additionally, construct an eddy in the center of the stream to create a tranquil oasis. 

Add a waterfall made from PVC pipe and stone ornaments for an extra luxury touch. Have fun landscaping your backyard this spring, and enjoy the benefits of water features every season!


 Go Natural with a Small Backyard Pond

This spring, go natural with a small backyard pond! A backyard pond provides beauty, tranquility, and evaporation for your landscaping needs. 

It’s also an easy project that can be completed in just a few hours. Go ahead and add some great water features to your backyard this spring – small backyard pond or not. Your backyard garden will thank you!

Blend a Water Feature into Outdoor Furniture

Spring is a great time to add some life to your backyard with a water feature. Many options are available, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for your space. 

When selecting a water feature, consider the size and shape of your backyard. Additionally, remember the type of water feature you’re looking for – bubbling water, fountain, waterfall, or pond. Once you’ve decided on a water feature, it’s time to blend it into outdoor furniture. 

You can choose to buy a complete water feature set or add it to an existing piece of furniture. Finally, be sure to water your water feature regularly to keep it healthy and sparkling.

Create a Small Rock Waterfall

water feature in the backyard is a great way to add natural beauty and tranquility to your backyard. This spring, add a small rock waterfall to your landscape. This project is easy and inexpensive and requires just a few supplies. 

First, collect large rocks and place them in a designated area in your backyard. Next, add moss, flowers, or other plants to the top of the rocks to complete your waterfall design. Add pebbles or small stones at the bottom of the waterfall to keep the water flowing. You can be much more creative with rock fountains for the backyard.

Once you’ve completed your waterfall, enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility it provides!

Get Creative with a Decorative Fountain

Spring is a great time to add a decorative fountain to your backyard. Not only will it add color and texture, but it can also serve as a focal point for your garden. 

There are many different styles of fountains available, so you’re sure to find one perfect for your needs. Another great option is to have a fountain installed by a professional. 

This will save you time and hassle, but remember to factor the cost into your budget. For an easy DIY project, install a fountain yourself – it’s a fun project that will provide years of enjoyment!

Keep up with Extra Space Storage

Spring is the perfect time to add an extra water feature to your backyard. There are many different features available, so it’s easy to find something that suits your needs. 

Some popular options for deck with water feature include ponds, streams, and fountains. Not only will this add beauty and function to your backyard, but it will also help you keep up with your space storage needs. 

So, why not think outside the box and add a feature you’ve never seen before? You won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install a waterfall in my backyard?

There are a few different ways to install a waterfall in your backyard. 1. You can use an underground trench and a PVC pipe to create the waterfall. 2. You can buy a pre-made waterfall system or install it yourself by using a contractor. 3. You can also use water feature systems with pumps and filters.


If you want to add some water feature in the backyard this spring, look no further! Our top water features will have you relaxing on a hot day or designing a backyard oasis that all will enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your backyard water feature today!