Top Unique Alternative Investment Ideas

The investment market has been diversifying lately, and there are several new sectors to invest in and earn excellent profits. How long do you plan on sticking to the mutual funds, stock market, etc.?

Alternative investment options can get a little intimidating at times. However, it is high time one needs to understand why diversifying is important for your investments. Well, you need to explore the variety of choices available if you wish to invest your money in the right place. Apart from the usual alternatives followed over the years, the article below will introduce you to the new choices you have.

You never know; they could lead you to future success. Let’s get started!

1. Pokémon Cards

I know this might sound funny to most people, but it isn’t. Pokémon cards are not just for playing; instead, they can earn you a fortune. I’m sure you might have a small set of these cards lying somewhere in your house.

Do you know that they are a source of income? Pokémon cards were a game for children, whereas now it’s all a game of investments. A Charizard Pokémon card sold at $9000 five to six years back sells over $200,000 today.

One of the main reasons you should invest in them is actual collectibles increase in value over time. Did you know that many card sets went out of print years ago? The lesser the supply of specific cards, the more the price.

It makes the investment model simple to understand. Pokemon cards have an entire global market, and you can witness live auctions, conferences, etc. You could try to invest in pokemon cards even if you are new to the concept.

Any card’s specifications and estimated value are readily available on the internet. There are particular websites like that show graphs and visuals regarding the history of transactions. If you’re looking for the best options, visit the VSTCG website and buy yourself cheap Pokemon cards.

The pokemon market is far-reaching and also has a vast number of dedicated supporters. Some people wait and long for buying these cards, so you do not have to look for any buyers. All that is needed is an online listing; the buyers flow in automatically.

2. Music Rights

We all know how fast the music industry has grown over the past years. People stream music every day, and through this, companies like Spotify have earned millions. All the profit has led to a new door for investors to invest their money.

People choose to invest in the music industry because it has lesser risk factors than the other fields. Even amid the pandemic, the music industry did not stop growing globally.

Nothing can change the fact that people love music. If you want to grow in the music industry, you could start through a public traded company.

You could bid on individual catalogs and even single songs at times.

If you are wealthy enough, you could try private markets. When you own a music right, you get entitled to royalties, and they get paid every time your song gets played. Most top investors prefer buying the music rights from the record companies. On the contrary royalty free background music does not provide any returns.

The cost to buy any music right varies between $50 – $500. However, if the artist is famous, it can also cost over $5000.

Compared to the stock market, the music industry is safe and stable. It becomes your side source of income and has correlation benefits. It gives you various long-term opportunities. One of the best features of this industry is that it keeps evolving, ensuring that your investments do not go to waste.

3. Sneakers

Yes, you read that right. You must invest in sneakers. Shoes are one of the most loved accessories, and if you know how to buy and sell them, investing can turn into a fun journey. Sneakers were everyday streetwear once upon a time, whereas now reselling them has become a million-dollar industry in itself.

It all started in the late 80s when Michael Jordan released his signature brand Air Jordan. People began collecting and selling them. In the later years, there also came to being Sneaker Con.

The Sneaker Con started to buy, trade sneakers, etc. Currently, the sneaker industry has grown to an unbelievable extent. Jordans are no longer the only ones in the industry.

You have Hoka One One, Nike Air Jordan’s, and many more. One of the benefits of investing in the sneaker industry is it can bring you enough profit to become a full-time reseller. It is easy to understand, and you also get more profound knowledge of the sneaker’s history.

However, the market can sometimes get too competitive, and specific popular releases can become difficult to grab. Nonetheless, it is fun once you get the nag of it.

4. Comic Books

If you love comic books, this area of investment will excite you. Unlike the cliché investing ideas, pop culture items have a different vibe. You could easily invest in comic books such as The Avengers, Wolverine, etc.

Comic books started to get famous around the 1830s. Since then, they have changed a lot over time. Graphics, superheroes, action, etc., into the picture. It was called the Golden Era of Comic Books. However, after World War II, the Golden Era ended because of its impact on the kids.

These vintage books have been in great demand recently, plus they are highly prized and not easy to find. The comic books belonging to the Silver Era, i.e., in the late 70s, are also in great demand. Investing in the comic books market can profit you in many ways.

As books are tangible, you can store them for on, and you also have a high chance of getting great returns if you invest in the right comic.

However, you need to consider a few things before investing. The issue you choose matters as the first issues are preferable over the second or the third. You also need to check if the writer is famous as, most often, their popularity determines the returns you get.

The comic book market can be subjective, and it may also cost a little more than the other options mentioned above. Nevertheless, if you love comics and have a gift for them, you must invest in them.

4. Gold or Cryptocurrencies

Physical gold and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been the rage as of late. Both have their pros and cons. Both are seen by alternative investors as potential long-term options for protections against inflation.

When analyzing gold as an alternative investment, it is important to consider two key factors. First, the price of gold is highly liquid. This makes it more liquid than most other investments. Second, gold has a relationship with inflation, which may make it a good choice for portfolio diversification. Third, cryptocurrency is highly volatile, which could be a risk factor for investors. Moreover, it can be a good hedge against market downturns.

Although gold has been revered for its longevity as a store of value and many Indians purchase it during festivals, its role as a wealth creator has faded. Fortunately, cryptocurrency has emerged as a gold alternative and delivered actual returns to investors. Investing in crypto assets is likely to outpace inflation and other factors. However, investors should keep up to date on technology and business news as well as be aware of the risks and costs involved. While gold may still be a safer and more stable investment than cryptocurrencies, there are many risks involved.

Bitcoin and gold stocks have similar characteristics. Both are based on myths. The first is that Bitcoin is the digital form of gold. This is not true. Unlike Bitcoin, which was a popular asset a decade ago, gold has a proven track record. Investing in crypto assets is like inviting Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, to enter your life. If you’re considering these two options as alternative investments, there’s no better time than now.



I feel it’s high time to try something new rather than sticking to the old investments sectors. The Alternatives mentioned above are a great way to start. They are reliable and can bring you great fortune. Avoid wasting your time and use time saving hacks to ensure you spend your time well when it comes to investing.

Having said that you need to make sure you balance your investments, when it comes to riskier ones in comparison to more stable ones.

Some people use financial forecasting software to help aid their investment needs. As finance forecasting software and apps can help master the basics, become more efficient, and even help you discover ways to meet your long-term financial goals.

 Do give it a try and let me know which of the four you liked the best!