Top Types, Styles, and Sizes of Bathroom Vanities

One of the most important aspects of the bathroom is vanity. Bathroom vanities should make a strong impression. The vanity is where you can flaunt your style with your personality, while bathrooms and baths are much more designed. In your bathroom, a vanity area is an important area where you get ready. Not only should it be unconstrained, its originality should also be reflected in style.

A standard vanity bathroom contains a sink, a faucet, a wardrobe, a mirror, and personal sanitary lighting. Consider the style you want to attain, and remember that a beautiful bathroom vanity can combine both design and practicality.

What are the kinds of vanity cabinets?

1. Single

2. Double

3. Wall-mount

4. Freestanding

What are the typical vanity sizes?

Bathroom vanity styles in depth

2. Floating vanities

3. Corner vanities

4. double-sink vanities

5. Tops

Simple ways to update your vanity

1. Vanity mirrors

2. sink & faucet

3. Paint or stain

4. Vanity storage

5. Other bathroom accessories

Most Popular Types of Bathroom Sinks

What are the different types of vanity cabinets?

Base cabinets are the most typical type of cabinet found in modern vanities for sale, while a vanity desk base can provide more counter space. For the most part, only a few cabinets are required for your bathroom vanity. Smaller four-drawer cabinets to larger cabinets with more drawers are available.

Some vanities include cabinetry, a sink, and a faucet, while others don’t. By buying your bathroom cabinets separately from your counter, sink, and faucet, you can modify your bathroom design and feel more efficiently.

1. Single:

Smaller bathrooms and concealer rooms benefit from single sink vanities.


Bathrooms with two sinks are ideal for master bathrooms or bathrooms with several users. So, there’s twice as much counter space, twice as many sinks, and twice as much storage.


Wall-mounted vanities are known as floating vanities, as they reside on the wall but have even more room between the floor and base. These vanities give the impression of a more significant hole in the bathroom because of their streamlined and modern style.


You don’t have to buy the base cabinet, sink, or countertop separately when you buy a freestanding vanity.

Due to the absence of standing vanities on the wall and standing on the floor, you can move them like large furnishings. Legs can be included or bases on a kick plate. Freestanding vanities are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

What are the typical vanity sizes?

The size of your vanity depends mainly on the size of your bathroom and subsequently on your preferences. The size of a modest half bath will be considerably different from the size of your master bathroom. To ensure that you work within the exact restrictions in your bathroom, it may be best to work with the precise measurements of your present vanity. Ensure to plan for room around your toilet, bath, mirror, electrical plugs, and switches.

 So, vanities come in several forms and sizes. In this situation, some of the most frequent dimensions are as follows:

Bathroom vanities styles in-depth:

  1. Styles:

Bathroom vanities are available in two styles. So, freestanding and built-in. Built-ins are excellent for larger spaces since they often provide additional countertop and storage space.

  1. Floating vanities:

A floating vanity is ideal for modern bathrooms or those with a modest footprint. The absence of legs on these wall-mounted vanities gives them a floating look, making a simple bathroom feel roomier.

  1. Corner vanities:

In small bathrooms, powder rooms, or bathrooms with an unusual layout, corner vanities are ideal. They are spacious, traditional, and contemporary as well. And they are available in a compact way. Also, they are so small that they have a limited amount of counter space, so keep that in mind when selecting.

4. double-sink vanities:

Sharing your space with a dual-sink vanity is no longer a problem. Individual sinks are beneficial to couples, siblings, roommates, and others. With a double-sink vanity, who says sharing is an issue? Take careful measures if you are renovating your bathroom from a single sink to a double laundry sink.

5. with or without a top:

It would be best if you also decided whether you want a vanity with or without a top. Installing a vanity with a top is less difficult, but you are limited to the vanity’s included top somehow.

When you buy a vanity without a shelter, you have the option of choosing the material. Solid surface, glass, and cultured and natural stone are some of the materials available for countertops.

Easy ways to update your vanity:

  1. Vanity mirrors:

A quick and straightforward approach to modernizing your bathroom vanity is to replace the vanity mirror. So, LED mirrors combine style and lighting, as previously said.

  1. Sink & faucet:

If you want to personalize your bathroom vanity, this is where you’ll find the perfect sink and faucet.

3. Paint or stain:

Staining or painting the cabinets, depending on your preferred style, is one option to modernize your vanity.

Different hues give your bathroom a different feel. White is the most preferred color because it gives off a bright, open, and fresh vibe. Gray offers depth and a neutral tone that is easy to coordinate with. So, brown lends a classic or rustic aspect to the area, while cream softens it.

  1. Vanity storage:

You may organize your area using cabinet doors, drawers, and organizational accessories. Changing the hardware on your bathroom vanity is an easy way to refresh it. So, install tall cabinets around the perimeter of your vanity for extra storage.

  1. Other bathroom accessories:

If you’ve had a deep sink basin or your sink is close to the wall, a backsplash might be an excellent addition to your vanity. A splash deflects water, sprays, and spills.

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Before installing bathroom vanities, be sure to remove all doors and drawers. So, when purchasing a new vanity, pay great attention to the measurements. When removing an old vanity, the clips may refuse to come off. At this time, people try to separate them. Proceed with prudence in such a circumstance. I hope that this guideline will help you to build vanities in your bathroom.