Top Tourist Attractions in New Orleans

Everyone has a reason for travelling to New Orleans (and loving living here). Checking out jazz clubs, festivals, and, of course, dining on iconic foods at the city’s best restaurants are among the best and most well-known things to do in New Orleans. you’d like to sip cocktails at one of New Orleans’ best bars or meet your sweet tooth with a delectable beignet. If you’re more of a history buff, visit museums like the Cabildo, the Historic New Orleans Collection, and the New Orleans Jazz Museum to learn about the city’s long and fascinating history.

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1 French Quarter 

While Bourbon Street should be (unless it’s your first visit to New Orleans, in which case you must experience it), the French Quarter is a must-see at any time of year. The Vieux Carre, the city’s oldest neighbourhood, is with gorgeous architecture, a wealth of food and music, and a cast of characters that includes long-time residents, chatty tour guides, and talented street performers. 

2 Frenchmen Street

Marigny, a neighbourhood next to the French Quarter, is a hotspot for live music. A string of live music venues, including Spotted Cat and dba, offer jazz, blues, reggae, and rock. A brass band is performing on a street corner. Restaurants serving pub grub, Egyptian fare, pizza, and other cuisines will fuel you for an energetic, music-filled stroll around the neighbourhood.

3 National WWII Museum 

The National WWII Museum is a world-class complex that features award-winning exhibits that tell the stories of those who served in WWII and on the home front. Actual planes, jeeps, and Higgins Boats, a theatre with WWII-era musical performances, a restaurant, and a fantastic gift shop with 1940s-inspired gifts and clothing are among the highlights.

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4 Magazine Street

This six-mile stretch has everything: shopping, dining, art galleries, one-of-a-kind architecture, an award-winning zoo, and friendly local business owners. Get your steps in while shopping at local boutiques, then reward yourself with a meal at one of the many restaurants that offer sidewalk dining or patios overlooking the street’s hustle and bustle.

5 City Park 

City Park is a 1,300-acre green space landscaped with moss-drenched oaks, peaceful walking paths, and native birds. Rent a swan boat on Big Lake, and take the kids (or your inner child) to Storyland and Carousel Gardens Amusement Park. The Couturie Forest is a diverse nature trail that includes New Orleans’ highest point: Laborde Mountain, which stands 43 feet above sea level.

6 Museum of Art

The city’s premier art museum is in City Park, on the edge of the Big Lake. NOMA houses over 40,000 pieces ranging from the Italian Renaissance to contemporary works. Browse Monet, Degas, Rodin, and O’Keefe works, as well as glass, ceramics, pre-Columbian art, and a large photography collection. 

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7 Cafe du Monde

Since 1862, this French Quarter institution has served the best cafe au lait and hot, fresh beignets at all hours. Look through the window to see the magic in action, then dive into your order of three. You’re doing it wrong if you leave without powdered sugar on your shirt.

8 Lafitte Greenway

This 2.6-mile linear park, which runs from City Park to the edge of the French Quarter, is a green oasis in the heart of the city. The bike and pedestrian path passes playgrounds, native landscaping, art, and sports fields, as well as breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. 

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