Top Tips To Look Younger For Longer

Many of us would do anything to have the radiant and smooth, youthful look for longer. The natural aging process, however, catches up with us eventually, taking a toll on both our physical appearance, strength, and overall health. Take a look at Medicare Plan G reviews for health coverage. While aging might be inevitable, you still can maintain that youthful look for much longer.  According to a study (scientific) done on a group of 38-year-olds, scientists discovered that a good number of them were as fit as 20-year-olds, while others have conditions commonly found/experienced by seniors.  The researchers also discovered that lifestyle and environmental factors significantly impact how a person ages, with genetics contributing a meager 20 percent.  Taking control of most of these environmental and lifestyle factors can thus help keep you looking younger for longer. Here are a few hacks you might want to try.

  • Keep Your Stress Levels In Check

According to Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, the ends of chromosomes (telomeres) are responsible for the aging process. Shorter telomeres make one age faster, while longer ones delay the rate at which body cells age. Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of shorter telomeres, a reason you need to keep your stress levels in check.   Taking on relaxing exercises, such as yoga, meditation, or even listening to music, can help keep your stress levels down, hence longer telomeres.

  • Surround Yourself With Positive Energy/People

Living in a friendly and safe environment can help keep your telomeres longer. According to Blackburn’s research, investing in people around you and your neighborhood can go a long way in keeping you happier, hence preventing worry and stress.  In a different study, people in non-toxic relationships and marriages and those with old, lasting friendships have longer telomeres.  They thus tend to age slower than those in toxic environments and relationships.  Surrounding yourself with positive people/energy can, therefore, help keep you looking younger for longer. You also need not more than six trusted friends to live a happier life.

  • Mind What You Eat

Restricting your calorie intake is one of the best ways to protect body cells from premature aging. Reducing your calorie intake helps slow down body metabolism, reducing cell death significantly.  Watching your diet, and avoiding processed foods, especially those with phosphates added, can help preserve your cell health. Replace all these processed foods with the much-healthier and anti-aging foods (dark chocolate, blueberries, gigs, buts, salmon, avocado, ginger, turmeric, etc.) for the best results. Increasing your intake of these foods also means better vision, smoother skin, cognitive functions, gut health, and even reduce your risk of heart conditions.

  • Exercise Your Brain Muscles

While physical exercise is essential, your brain, too, needs to do some heavy lifting. Some of the best ways to keep your mind active are by taking on puzzles, study a foreign language, and even read books. Learning a foreign language also helps unlock other brain areas, slowing the aging process even further. According to a recent study, taking on new activities does help increase new neurons’ development, boosting your cognitive functions.

  • Go Natural

Most beauty products have toxic compounds as an active ingredient. Most of these, including makeup and skincare products, tend to cause hormonal imbalance and disrupt estrogen levels. Giving up most of these cosmetic products and using natural products instead can help repair, if not restore, your skin health. Experts also advise against staying all day with makeup on, but rather washing it off with water to allow the skin to breathe.

  • Bask In The Sun

While many of us will want to avoid the sun at all costs, it would be advisable to get at least 15 minutes of sunshine every day.  Our body needs natural sunlight to trigger vitamin D synthesis. Basking in the morning or midday sun for 15 minutes is enough to enable the body to manufacture enough vitamin D for the day.  You might want to do this without sunscreen on for the best results.

  • Get Dancing

Moving to the sound of music can help reverse/prevent the aging process. Dance is not only a form of physical exercise but also triggers an increased release of endorphins- the chemical responsible for making your happy. The increased release of endorphins also means reduced stress levels and a healthier brain. Researchers believe dancing triggers increased activity in the hippocampus, preventing premature aging.