Top Tips On Training New Employees For Your Business

One of the most important parts of running a business is having trained employees to help with the operation of the business. These employees need to be trained in the role they are hired for and to work in the same way as the rest of your employees. This allows your business to run as smoothly as possible due to the fact that everyone is on the same page. 

This article will provide you with some top tricks to consider when it comes to training up new employees.


Shadowing is the term given to having someone work alongside someone else. Ideally you want a new staff member to shadow an employee of your company with the most, if not a lot of experience. This assures that they are learning the ways of working within your company from the best. 

The employee in which is being shadowed should use this method to guide new staff members through certain tasks. This can include any daily admin tasks, answering phones in the correct manner for your company and any other jobs which they will be required to do. 

This method allows for close observation to be made, as well as allowing someone to learn techniques based on real life scenarios.


A useful service to consider using is a transcription service. This is simply having various conversations and any useful audio files transcribed into text. 

Some businesses record phone calls, business meetings and other important conversations to have these transcribed. These are then passed down so that new employees can refer back to these.

As a new employee having these text documents can be very beneficial as they are based on real conversations between more than one employee, and even between employees and clients. 

These text documents are very convenient due to the fact that they can easily be referred back to at any time to assist with the training process. Due to their physical form, they can also be written on and highlighted to make key points and information stand out. 

Businesses can reach out to transcription companies, such as Alphabet Secretarial, to transcribe these audio and video files into text. In some cases bigger businesses have an inhouse transcriber who can transcribe these recorded conversations and important business discussions.

Start Small:

When passing on tasks to any new and training staff member it is best to offload smaller tasks first. By giving them smaller tasks allows them to do additional training alongside these set tasks as well as allows them to learn the ropes at a steady pace. These tasks should also match up to the skill level they have, for example giving a new employee a really important task on their second day probably is not the best idea, as new staff members are bound to make mistakes at the beginning. 

If you pass off larger, important tasks to staff members in training they are likely to get overwhelmed and stressed quite quickly, this can also cause mistakes to be made. Having new employees feeling stressed when they first start a new job, is also likely to cause them to not enjoy themselves and potentially leave the job prematurely. 

Once a new employee has mastered smaller tasks and progressed in their training you can then work your way up to delegating larger, more important tasks to them. This is the best way to help a new employee progress without worrying about them becoming overwhelmed. 

Provide Regular Feedback:

When training a new member of staff you should be able to keep track of their progress. After a short period of time you should be able to work out their strengths and identify their weaker areas. 

It is important to schedule time to provide feedback on how you feel a new employee has progressed and also highlight areas on which you would like them to focus their training on. This should be done in a positive and constructive way instead of a negative way. 

You can also use this time for feedback to set them goals on where you would like to see them when you next catch up. This gives them something to work on which can help motivate them to head in that direction. 

These feedback meetings do not need to be every week, but every few months will help assure them that they are heading in the right direction and to encourage them to progress further. 

To Conclude:

There are many things to consider when hiring a new team member for your business. However the main thing is to encourage them in a positive way and to avoid them feeling overwhelmed and stressed at an early stage. 

It is best to be encouraging and positive towards the progression of any new employee so that they feel supported and enjoy their new role. This will avoid new staff members leaving prematurely and help them become part of your team.