Top things to avoid when buying a used car

Buying a used car model can be a wide investment if you are in search of a replacement vehicle. While the overall purchase of new cars increases with a rising economy, the option of buying a used car offers a great alternative -especially when you are aware of how to buy one for yourself. 

You can get the most out of your investment by buying a good used car. While this option offers the chance to be more economic, a used car is still expected to have some issues with common wear & tear. Therefore, it is imperative for potential buyers of used cars to be careful about avoiding some common mistakes while on a shopping spree for a second-hand car. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Used Car

Purchasing a used car at a reliable car dealership in your area can be an overwhelming process -even for the most seasoned car buyers. Title-washing, price-gouging, back-end deals, extended warranty programs, and undisclosed mechanical problems are some of the potential hazards that a buyer can face while investing in a used car from a less reliable car dealer. Here are some common malpractices that you should be aware of as a buyer of used car models:

Buying Based on the Exterior Look

Before you even start searching for the desired used car model, whether face-to-face or online, it is important to analyze what exactly you need out of the car. In case you are in search of a commuter car, you should not waste your time going through different truck models. At the same time, if you are in search of a vehicle that is capable of towing a trailer, avoid looking at different models of a sports car.

When you understand what you exactly need first, you will mitigate the overall risks of making a rapid purchase depending on what you see rather than what you want.

Not Checking the Vehicle History

Before you purchase a used car, it is imperative for you to perform a test drive. In addition to this, it is also crucial to get the car inspected by a professional mechanic or expert. To top it all, getting a report of the vehicle’s history is of utmost importance as well. With access to a dedicated vehicle history report, it is possible for you to check for information like potential problems with the vehicle, prior accidents, the total number of previous owners, and so more.

In most cases, dealers typically pay for the given type of third-party service. However, if the sale is taking place via a private seller, the buying process will most likely have to include the fee. Whether you make use of online services or another third-party service, it is always important to assess the history of the particular vehicle and the respective stories of previous owners.

Buying from an Un-authorized Dealer

Purchasing a used car from an authorized dealership is similar to buying a brand-new car from the respective retail showroom of the brand. A used car dealership is usually regarded as the toned-down version of a grand new car showroom. There are several benefits you can obtain out of buying from an authorized used car dealership rather than an unauthorized one. 

  • Warranty: When you purchase a used car from a reliable dealership in your area like Used Car Dealers Austin, you will receive a warranty benefit. The warranty period can last from the period of 30 days to even one year. 
  • Accountability and Trust: Whether it is a small or a prestigious dealer, the shop might have been in existence for several years. People are aware of its brand name and trust the same. When you purchase a used car from an authorized dealership like Used Car Dealers Austin, most of them are willing to execute the repair work beforehand. 
  • A Wide Variety of Vehicles: A reputed dealership is assured to offer you with an abundance of choice when it comes to buying a used car model. You get to choose from a list of options of the same model.

Buying Only on EMI

If you are getting yourself a pre-owned vehicle, it is always recommended to buy it by ensuring a full payment rather than taking a loan or opting for the EMI facility. Indeed, if it is not financially possible, then you should aim at getting yourself the least possible loan tenure.

However, it is important to note that the rate of interest for used car models tends to be higher than that of a brand-new car. On an average, you will possibly own a used car for around 4-6 years before you replace the same. In such a case, you would not want to spend a majority of the period paying monthly instalments on EMI.

Refusing Test Drive

It is one of the major mistakes you might make while buying a used car model. While purchasing a new car, a test drive serves to be one of the most common practices to analyze the capabilities of the vehicle. however, as far as purchasing used car models is concerned, it indeed becomes mandatory to examine whether or not all functions are perfect with the particular model. 

Most people avoid taking a test drive or the seller simply does not offer one. If you are experiencing the latter case, you should still emphasize on taking a small test drive of the car.


Buying a used car comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. To be assured of the best outcomes while buying a used car for yourself, it is recommended to avoid common mistakes. Moreover, you should only trust a reliable used car dealer in your area. Go through all relevant parameters before making the final decision and analyze if additional money to the dealership is worth in the case of your desired car model.