Top Technology Jobs For The Engineering Graduates

Technology is the future with the growing trend of digitalization the tech industry is increasing with leaps and bounds and consequently, is the demand of the skilled IT professionals in the field. A career in Information and Computer Technology is highly in demand, and the good thing is that the demand is equal on both the sides be it on the side of the recruiters or the aspirants. The jobs are available in varied industries both in the public and private sector.  

If you are thinking of pursuing or are already pursuing the B.Tech in Computer Science or B.Tech in Information Technology from the top engineering college in Dehradun and have made your mind to build your career in the technical domain, then you must know best technology jobs of 2020. The following read will help you learn about the most in-demand technology jobs. 

Software Engineer/Software Developer

Let’s start with the most popular and well-known technical field vocation, software engineering. Software developers design applications and methods that manage devices, control networks and enable users to accomplish specific tasks. Job accountabilities involve distinguishing customer and user needs, ascertaining how new applications will function, and operating closely with programmers and other professionals. 

Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineers research, create and test computer frameworks and their individual components. Tasks include building schematics of computer devices, transforming designs according to test results, and modernizing existing equipment/facilities to work with new software.

Information Security Analyst

Information security includes arranging and executing safety efforts to shield computer networks and frameworks from cyberattacks. Errands include observing an association’s organizations, exploring infringement and security breaks, commencing infiltration testing, and suggesting improvements. 

Web Developer

Web Developers plan and make both the functional and visual parts of a site. Tasks incorporate meeting with customers to examine needs, including code utilizing programming dialects like HTML, and coordinating designs, video, or sound into the website. Web Developers may choose to have some expertise in front-end or back-end advancement for further career enhancement. 

Cloud Architect 

Cloud Architect deals with the organization’s cloud computing strategies. DevOps engineers are likely to be responsible for designing and maintaining an expansion infrastructure, integrating cloud services to automate the processes or shell scripting in PHP/Python and Ruby. Working in the field demands knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure, good communication skills. A cloud architect typically is accountable for developing cloud architecture, planning a cloud strategy and organizing the implementation and deployment; they also ensure application architecture and deployments in the cloud environment. 

Blockchain Engineer

A Blockchain Engineer is the one who specializes in maintaining and implementing digital solutions for organizations by utilizing a unique type of technology. Blockchain technology enables information to be shared and distributed publicly via the Internet without being copied. Blockchain engineers may work for data services firms and technology consulting firms.  

Big-Data Analyst

A data analyst is the one who manages, collects and examines large sets of data (known as Big Data) to recognize patterns and some other helpful information. Data mining and Data auditing are must-have skills which a Data Analyst must possess in order to analyze effectively and interprets complex data to help organizations make better and more timely decisions.

Database Administrators

Database administrators oversee the storage, preparation, and safety of data, including business records or client information. Responsibilities involve performing backups to prevent data loss, recognizing user needs, and performing database maintenance tasks and updates as needed.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

An artificial intelligence engineer is a person who works with conventional machine learning methods like natural language processing and neural networks to create models that power AI-based applications. The type of applications developed by AI engineers include: 

  • Contextual advertising based on sentiment analysis
  • Language translation 
  • Visual identification or perception

Operations Analyst

Operation Analyst utilize progressed expository techniques to take care of issues and improve execution in associations. Tasks include gathering and sorting out data and information, deciding the best strategies to examine problems and exhorting directors on potential arrangements. 

Internet of Things (IoT) Engineer

The role of an IoT Developer/Engineer is a broad umbrella that brings to play multiple disciplines and skillsets. IoT Developers are experts who can generate, maintain, and monitor IoT devices and systems by merging three core components – data, technology, and research. These are the people who are well-versed in distinct areas, networking, systems engineering, security, cloud programming, and hardware device programming. 

Computer Network Engineers

Computer Network Engineers design and develop data communication networks such as local area networks, wide area networks, and intranets. Job tasks involve creating plans and strategies, discussing strategies with management, and upgrading hardware and software to support existing systems, structures and networks. 

These are a few prominent technology-related jobs for engineering graduates with a degree in computer science or information technology. These jobs are the best and the most reputed ones in the technology-related domains and require an advanced set of skills and broad knowledge base which can be gained from pursuing the degree from the reputed engineering college in Uttarakhand An Engineering degree will provide you with a plethora of opportunities in the varied fields, just drive in and explore as much as possible.