Top STEM Courses for Study Abroad Aspirants

Studying for a Master’s degree abroad provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about other cultures and receive world-class education. Courses for STEM are at the top of the list when it comes to significant wide fields of study. The majority of the top study abroad destinations are well-known for their STEM degrees and internship possibilities in the industry.

STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education encompasses all courses that fall within the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The disciplines taught in each of these fields are interconnected and require a similar educational background.

Majoring in Astronomy or Actuarial Science, for example, necessitates strong math and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, understanding nuclear science or cybersecurity will necessitate excellent critical thinking abilities. History and music, on the other hand, will not be included in STEM because they require a separate set of abilities to learn. While all fields are vital, certain courses can lead to STEM employment that are quite interesting.

So, let’s take discuss each one:

Data Science

路          Entails gathering, computing, and analysing massive amounts of data in order to assist organisations in predicting and solving real-world problems.

路          Requires a thorough knowledge of mathematics and statistics, as well as computer programming, design, and domain.

路          Involves critical thinking and complex problem-solving abilities.

路          Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist are just a few of the job titles available.

路          A data scientist’s salary ranges from $100,000 to $128,000.

Nuclear science

路          Is the study of nuclear reactions where one learns how to break down and assemble atomic nuclei in a variety of ways for different purposes.

路          Teaches how to design, operate, and repair nuclear equipment such as reactors, radiation shielding devices, and control systems for nuclear energy operations.

路          One needs a strong understanding of chemistry, nuclear physics, materials science, and mathematics.

路          When working in the energy or weaponry industries, one may also be in nuclear medicine (and work on MRIs), assist with agricultural applications (plant mutation), or design consumer goods (such as smoke detectors) or food!

路          A nuclear scientist’s salary ranges from $93,331 to $102,950.

Statistics & Mathematics

路          As a mathematics student, one is expected to not just demonstrate mastery in algebra, calculus, or geometry, but also to be able to come up with novel solutions to solve problems. Add in some programming knowledge to get better working opportunities.

路          This degree has a wide range of applications that include both non-STEM and STEM courses.

路          Jobs in big data, engineering, computer science, business, science, data privacy, systems biology, and even climatology are available!

路          A mathematician’s salary ranges from $54,300 to $196,500.

Petroleum Engineering

路          Teaches students how to extract oil and gas from underground reservoirs.

路          Necessitates a shared understanding of chemistry, materials, technology, and environmental issues.

路          Reservoir studies, drilling oversight, and surface collection and treatment activities are all part of the job description.

路          After specialising in one of the fields – completions, drilling, production, or reservoir 鈥 one can apply for any engineering post.

路          A petroleum engineer’s beginning salary ranges from $102,300 to $176,300.

Aerospace Engineering

路          Entails applying math, science, and technology to the field of aviation.

路          Aerospace engineers work on planes, spaceships, satellites, missiles, and weapons systems, as they design, build, and maintain them.

路          Job opportunities include researching cutting-edge technology along with maintaining existing systems. These responsibilities include maintaining flight safety, fuel efficiency, operating expenses, and environmental effect measurement.

路          A study of a range of subjects, including propulsion, aerodynamics, and avionics, is needed to be able to execute all of this flawlessly.

路          Aeronautical designer, consultant, or researcher are some job opportunities. One may even be employed by Boeing or a space organisation (such as NASA)!

路          An aerospace engineer’s salary ranges from $64,700 to $107,900.


路          Teaches the planning and implementation of network security procedures, along with defending a computer system from cyber-attacks, hackers, natural disasters, and infiltration.

路          Necessitates a thorough understanding of programming tools and languages, and unrivalled mathematical competence.

路          Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are its crucial characteristics.

路          Working for huge firms, banks, or (ideally) the government can be the options for jobs. And it will be your responsibility to safeguard consumers, users, and citizens from frauds, data breaches, and hackers.

路          A Cybersecurity engineer’s salary ranges from $115,349 to $122,753.

Biomedical engineering

路          Is a fascinating blend of biology, medicine, and technology that entails designing and developing tools for the healthcare business.

路          Includes simple aids such as pharmaceutical medications and prostheses, as well as complex technologies such as artificial organs and surgical robots.

路          Necessitates a thorough understanding of a variety of areas in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer programming, molecular biology, and genetics.

路          As a biomedical engineer, you’ll develop equipment, software, computer systems, and medical devices that can be used by health practitioners and patients in need in labs and hospitals.

路          A biomedical engineer’s salary ranges from $59,600 to $92,200.

Similarly, one can also opt for the Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling which has a huge scope these days. Many counselors are also providing services online and gaining a lot of popularity. Therefore, this field can be worth opting for.

Actuarial science

路          Is the study of risk and uncertainty in financial decisions that are hypothetical.

路          Is focused on observation, analysis, and prediction, and is mastered by individuals who excel at statistics, mathematics, and finance.

路          Job opportunities include working in the life or health insurance industry, management firms, high-net-worth individuals, top company executives, or even scientific research.

路          An Actuarial Scientist’s salary ranges from $60,800 to $119,600.

Software engineering

路          Entails assessing user demands, developing and testing computer applications, and keeping them up to date as technology progresses.

路          All colleges that offer computer science and engineering programmes ensure that students are well-versed in mathematics, computers, programming languages, and the domain in which they wish to concentrate.

路          One can specialise in operating systems, games, web development, app development, and data analytics.

路          A Software engineer’s salary ranges from $100,690 to $108,278

Mechanical engineering

路          Introduces students to the tools needed to design, build, test, and improve mechanical devices. Air conditioners, electric generators, combustion engines, elevators, and even robots and rovers are examples of this.

路          Requires advanced knowledge of modeling (mathematics), mechanics (physics), and materials and thermodynamics (chemistry).

路          Knowledge of computer systems and programming is also required as much of the work is done with computer-aided methods.

路          Job opportunities include an auto-research engineer, a heating and cooling system engineer, a robotic engineer, and work in office environments.

路          A mechanical engineer’s beginning salary ranges from $87,258 to $101,600.


These are just a few of the most popular STEM-related courses. You may dive down this rabbit hole and discover a slew of different STEM majors that might appeal to you.