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Today we are here to provide you all the latest seriale turcesti subtitrat in Romana. Everybody love to watch seriale turcesti daily on their free time. In the Recent year’s seirale turcesti is now popular in Romania and all over the world. Turkey are actively capturing TV markets around the world, and in recent years, the popularity of traditional seriale turcesti has also won over Romanian viewers, greatly increasing the audience of niche TV stations. The main theme of all these Turkish films is love, and each soap opera is unique in its own way.

Everybody is now excited to watch theTurkish films and series and in Romania multiple channels are now providing seriale turcesti subtitrat in romana. Filme Fast is also providing their viewers daily seriale turcesti. If you love to watch lista seriale turcesti we are here to provide you most popular Turkish series. The most popular Turkish series, watched on TV, on YouTube and online.

Without which it is impossible to imagine Turkey? Of course, without series, full of passion, love stories, betrayals, overcoming difficulties, intrigues and incredible upheavals. Any viewer can learn something new and unusual from them. The culture, the mentality and the different lifestyle make watching really fascinating.TV series in Turkey are actively capturing TV markets around the world, and in recent years, the popularity of traditional Turkish series has also won over Romanian viewers, greatly increasing the audience of niche TV stations. The main theme of all these seriale turcesti is love, and each soap opera is unique in its own way.

So, we decided to select a Lista Seriale Turcesti Subtitrat in Romana, in order to organize your evenings excellently. Our collection includes recommendations from the 10 best, live and appreciated series from the most fantastic Eastern country, which won the maximum audience and were admired by Romanians.

sen cal kapimi – Bate la Usa mea:

Bate la usa mea is one of the most popualar seriale turcesti all over the world. This story happened between two main actors Serkan Bolat and Eda Yildiz. Eda Yildiz was at a higher level at the university, she received a scholarship to continue her education abroad, but when the scholarship was revoked, her life was reversed and she was expelled from the university. Therefore, he will be detained only after graduating from high school.Over the next few months, she tried hard to find Serkan Bolat, who was responsible for canceling the scholarship, but to no avail.

He went to arrange flowers in his aunt’s garden. One day, he discovered that Serkan Bolat was about to give a speech, so he decided to go there to face him. Suddenly, they were forced to wear handcuffs all day.The dynamics of Ede’s impulses, apart from their hatred of each other, were not enough to overcome the equality that seemed to overcome them, so she began a game dragged by them, which would last a long time. Therefore, you cannot doubt that this project will surely amaze you.

Peste tot Esti

Demir (Furkan Andic) is a handsome young man who has had a very successful career. He rejects the employment opportunities of large companies and hopes to work according to his own rules. Therefore, he returned to Istanbul after working in Japan and bought a small company of architects that was about to go bankrupt. This does not seem like a reasonable choice, but Demir believes he can save the company through successful management within 1 year. . You will be getting more updates and twist when you watch this show on our freely blog filmefast.

Hercai :

Story and Synopsis of Hercai:

Miran Aslanbey, who came to Istanbul’s Midyat as a businessman, offered Nasuh Șadoğlu more than a partnership: he also wanted his nephew Reyyan. However, Nasuh, the head of the strongest family in the region, has a different plan for Milan. She would give him a nephew, but she didn’t give him the nephew she wanted. Although Nasuh tried to convince Miran’s plan, he did not know Miran’s plan. Although there is an urgent need for a decision between the two people, this news will deeply affect the lives of Reyjan and Yellen. How will the love story about Midyat’s thousands of years of history affect the fate of the two families? Together with the handsome businessman from Istanbul, can Midyat’s beauty meet the legendary Reyyan? Hercai will witness the great test of love at first sight in the first episode!

Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem

It was one of the most anticipated television projects. The events of this story take place during the Great Ottoman Empire and present the reign of Ahmed I. In the foreground is the relationship of the great ruler Kösem Sultan – the strongest woman in Ottoman history who, at the age of thirteen, managed to overcome a Lots of challenges and bring down powerful enemies.

Love In Black And White

A Turkish love film, produced in 2017 and recently subtitled in Romanian. A very beautiful story between Asli – a doctor who saves people, and Ferhat who, on the contrary, can take a man’s life without blinking an eye.

Their paths intersect when Asli is forcibly brought to a house where she is to perform an operation. Here, the protagonist becomes a witness to a crime and must die. But Ferhat’s hand does not rise to kill her and gives Asla another chance at life.

Kuzgun – corbul

One of the newest Turkish series, which talks about the love of Kuzgun and Dila. Their fathers were cops, they worked together, and Dila and Kuzgun had loved each other since childhood.

But Dila’s father betrays his colleague, he dies, and his son and wife have to go to another country under a new name.Twenty years later, Kuzgun returns to his homeland, full of a desire for revenge. Here, however, he meets Dila, the love of his childhood and his whole life, but everything is very difficult, because Kuzgun came for another purpose.

Baraj – Nehir

The Turkish series Nehir (Dam-Dam) is a remake of the 1977 Turkish film Dam, starring Turkan Soray and Tarik Akan. Nehir (Biran Damla Yilmaz) is a young and beautiful girl who uses her beauty to deceive young people. Ever since she was left by her parents and forced to live on the street, she has been living with her mentor Zelin (Sumru Yavrucuk). Zerrin and Nehir became a good business partner and cheated on the young people together. When Nishir seduces a rich man and makes him fall in love with her, Zelin pretends to be Nishir’s mother. The Fallen wanted to marry Nishir and even organize a wedding, but Nishir and Zelin ran away and left their mark after taking all the wedding presents and breaking the credit cards of the fallen. Nehir got tired of life them and keep changing their names. She thinks she won’t be able to be herself for long. When she spoke to Feyyaz Duman, whom she met on the online chat forum, she woke up and became very happy. Although she had never seen Nasim in person and had never seen a picture of him, Nehir felt very comfortable talking to him online. Nazm (Feyyaz Duman) is a site manager. He has wounds on his face, so it is difficult for him to communicate with women in person. Therefore, he feels comfortable talking online with Nehir without showing his face. After talking on the internet for 4 months, Nehir wanted to know more about Nazim and sent him a picture with her. She asked for the photo instead. Because Nehir is a beautiful and young girl, Nazim did not have the courage to send her photos due to the wound on her face. At that moment, in order not to lose Nihir, she posted only a photo of Tariq (Blak Yoruk ), a handsome young man from Istanbul who worked at the dam. Nazim believes he will continue to keep in touch with Nehir, and this photo will not cause any problems. However, as time went on, things got complicated. Due to recent fraudulent work, Nehir saw his photo in the newspaper. He learned that the fallen were in a coma because of Nehir’s sleeping pills. After hearing the news, Nehir was in a bad mood and wanted to meet Nazim in person. Nazim has nothing to do and can only refuse to visit Nihil, apologizing for his busy schedule.