Top Red Flags when Dating a Woman

In a relationship, there are times when a guy is so absorbed in making a good impression that they completely overlook the red flags. The next thing that follows is they end up in a relationship with a woman who is only a trouble. To ensure that this doesn’t happen with you, you need to keep an eye on red flags while dating. So, here are some red flags you should watch out for.

It is not her it is you

Chad, who offers online assignment help, says that my girlfriend was always under the impression that she cannot do anything wrong. What usually happens in this kind of relationship is that anytime the girl is upset or has even the slightest of trouble, she’d point fingers at the other person. She would blame anyone and everyone around her and rarely take the blame on herself. So, whenever a girl plays the victim card, you got to watch out. The lack of awareness in a relationship can turn the relationship toxic.  

She values you

There are times when a guy is so into a girl that he doesn’t realize that she’s only using him for some personal good. However, if you ask a third person, to them, it is pretty clear that she doesn’t value you. Some common signs that show that she has no respect for you include yelling in public, blowing you off repeatedly, coming late on dates, amongst others. Whenever your girl turns disrespectful towards you, it is important to set boundaries. Be vocal and tell her you won’t tolerate it if she repeats the same thing. Put your foot down whenever necessary. Always remember, women have far more respect for men who set boundaries.

Outrageous reaction

Mathew, who offers do my accounting homework services online, says that women are far more emotional than men, but that in no way justifies the fact that every emotional outburst is called for. Girls who portray explosive reactions regularly depict their emotional immaturity with this quality. Unless, of course, you are ok with dealing with such kind of behavior, this one is certainly a massive red flag in a relationship.  

How her friends perceive her

One of the most crucial areas to look for when identifying red flags is her friends. Does your girl have any close friends, or does she have a revolving set of friends? If a person fails to hang on to friends for a period, she is probably not stable enough to stick with a boyfriend. Always keep it in mind, and do not get too attached easily with such a person.

Signs of being excessively needy

Justin, who works with a platform where you can pay for papers, says that back in the day, the girl that he was really into demanded exclusivity immediately after the 2nd date. This is when he knew that he should rather tread slowly. Of course, men find this flattering when a girl is into them. But please know that demanding exclusivity might not mean that she is interested in you. Sometimes, she is only interested in dating someone. The desperation and neediness of a relationship is a definite red flag.  

More signs of neediness

It is normal for a girl to ask you questions about your dating life. But there are a few women who take it a bit too far. Sometimes women continually bug you with questions about your exes or if you find anyone attractive around you. If a girl constantly directs a conversation in this direction, she is not just needy but also insecure. Such an insecure person would always be seeking approval and validation. It would turn old quick, so keep away from such a person.

She isn’t ready

I know it sounds a bit shallow, but let’s be honest here, dating a girl who’s just out of a relationship is a tricky situation. She might repeatedly give you an affirmation that she’s moved on, but has she? It takes a long time to come out of a serious relationship. After the relationship gets over, people need to spend time with themselves to rediscover and rebuild themselves as individuals. Brad, who offers the best data science certification online, says that if a girl just came out of a serious relationship a few weeks or months ago, then she isn’t probably ready for a new relationship. You don’t want to be a rebound. In such situations, it is best to wait. Give her the space she needs, and mind you, she needs a lot of it. 

Commitment issues

Factually speaking, if you pay close attention to people around you, you’ll notice that the manner in which someone does something is the same with almost everything. For instance, if there’s a girl who cannot stick to one hobby for a while, then it is clear that she is someone who gets bored easily. It could also mean that she has commitment issues. Not to be rude or offensive, but if she’s flying through hobbies, she’s probably flying through boyfriends too.

So, these are the important red flags that you must be careful about. If you notice one or many of them, it is time to walk out of such a relationship.