Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs a SharePoint Intranet

We live in a world engulfed with innovative technologies. As a result, our ways of life have changed severely and potentially still shifting with the novel innovation of technology, hence, workplaces too.

Medieval workplaces have become more streamlined and in-lined due to the use of modern machinery. Not to mention it brought far and wide teams into a single collaborating team without any boundaries. To modernize workplaces and take commination to the next level, SharePoint development solution company has played a vital role in providing intranet software solutions.

What Is SharePoint Intranet and Why Do You Need It?

SharePoint Intranet is a flexible collaborating software solution by Microsoft. For effective communication, content, and employee management, SharePoint Intranet comes in very handy. It's best suited for multiple platforms from mid-size to large enterprises. In addition, it yields a fulfilling corporative culture for distinct departments in an enterprise.

Additionally, it leverages Artificial Intelligence to improve user experience – more like, improve the employee experience.

SharePoint Intranet ensure:

  • Employee Social Networks
  • Assessment Mechanism
  • Document Management System
  • Teams Collaboration
  • And many more…

Although many Intranets solutions are out there, SharePoint Intranet offers multiple tools to build intranet sites effectively. As it allows users to create Intranet pages fast and effortlessly – that's is why you should be hooked on this solution for your company. Not to mention it helps build Intranet pages without the need of writing codes and customizing sites. So that is quite an effective solution to take on to modernize and stand out your firm.

Eight Reasons Why Your Company Needs a SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint Intranet is also known as the intelligent Intranet. As it's highly integrated with Artificial Intelligence algorithms for much effective functioning. SharePoint Intranet has many benefits, but here we've pulled together 8 top benefits and reasons for you to use SharePoint Intranet in your company.

Here are they:

1 –SharePoint Home Sites

For a more appealing and dynamic Intranet, Microsoft has created a home site for many employees to experience a unique and striking landing page. What's even more exciting about homesites is that they'll adjust according to the individual rule in the organization as it'll only display content related to their job's functions. Homesites even help boost employees' productivity by showing filtered news to their feeds. A custom software development company can use SharePoint Intranet to boost its productivity and help employees collaborate more effectively.

Similarly, SharePoint Intranet’s homesites empower employees by blessing them with unlimited personalizing capabilities.

2 – Redefined Mobile Experiences

SharePoint app gives a whole new mobile experience to the users for their works. Not to mention it makes the mobile device a well-versed point to collect info regarding your work anywhere and anytime. Fetching you instantly important news, files, links with the Microsoft Search embedded toolbar for digging more information can genuinely get things done on the go by your fingertips. More importantly, the SharePoint app also comes with a new voice search feature that helps you accomplish tasks without moving your fingers.

3 –The Office Mobile App

The office mobile app truly takes SharePoint Intranet to a whole new level.

Let’s face it!

Whatever an ultra-functioning company requires, SharePoint Intranet ensures that immediate effect. Office 365 mobile apps push SharePoint Intranet to be far-fetched existing solutions. As it made compressed solutions right to your pockets whenever you need it – proving space-age intellectual and boosting your productivity to the next level.

Your new office on your hand-held device – isn’t that cool?

The office mobile app helps create documents and access excel sheets along with editing and viewing. And it even enables you to prepare the presentation you're meeting in a single app. But, above all, there is tons of feature the office app holds.

4 –Play My Email Feature

SharePoint Intranet constantly endeavors to make our work life as soothing as possible. One of its remarkable features by Outlook helps you save time, do multiple tasks that include driving or any other task – Play My Email.

Play my email feature reads your email out loud to give you a futuristic lifestyle, and you can use this even while driving or doing anything else. However, no matter the situation you're occupied with, this feature allows you to multitask, for instance, cook and listen to your emails. Therefore, play my email is very handy and works around your busy schedules.

5 –Analytics for Productivity

A human is always conserved in some prejudice conventions; that's why no influential firm can depend on human analytics on how to power productivity. That's where My Analytics steps in to boost productivity. On the bright side, it eliminates any biases to come in. My Analytics is a robust software assistant for seamless analysis and helps increase productivity. It ensures precise insights about the ongoing work, which can aid you in bringing out a new strategy for improving it. With the help of the AI learning algorithm's subset deep learning, it does that to monitor your work patterns.

My Analytics tracks each aspect of your working pattern, breaks, focus time, and many more. Plus, everything is protected to its very core, as security is the best feature of this software.

All and all, one of the most significant advantages of using SharePoint Intranet.

6 – One Whiteboard, One World

SharePoint Intranet delivers you an infinite whiteboard that enables you and your teammates to collaborate on a single cover. And that’s pretty much great for workplaces and can be very helpful, considering all your teammates are remotely seated and putting in work efforts.

Moreover, creating professional charts is one of the absolute features of the whiteboard to boost visualizing comprehension around SharePoint Intranet. SharePoint Intranet's Whiteboards helps employees brainstorm all-in-one place and also protect your input until you erase them, not others.

7 –Multi-language Support

By ensuring multi-language support, SharePoint Intranet indeed remains a global solution for any firm. Any firm can use this solution in their preferred language. Not to mention it's one of the main reasons behind its global popularity. The multi-language support feature intends to make users feel more relaxed using SharePoint Intranet irrespective of their languages.

The range of personalization SharePoint Intranets positively affects employees' consent and boosts multiplicity by the Multi-language Support feature.

8 – Designed for All

Either your work is small-sized or larger-sized, SharePoint Intranets have diverse solutions for almost every firm. Flexibility and scalability are essential to a running company, and SharePoint Intranet also provides that effectively regardless of your firm size or number of employees. Adding value and helping your company boost to a higher level by its variety of features that cater to every angle in an enterprise.

More importantly, it helps future-proofing your company by effectively engraining scalability. In this day and age, finding an effective and long-term solution for workplaces is quite hard. But not worry when you have such a solution deep-fixed into your business.

Summing It Up

When it comes to the benefits of using a SharePoint Intranet, it guarantees infinite ones. And in this blog, we've only scratched the surface as far as its advantages are concerned that we've discussed above, even though these are the main ones – quite enough for you to know its importance.

Above all, you should consider using a SharePoint Intranet software solution in your business as its advantages are endless.