Top Reasons Why You Need A Terrarium

Let’s face it; not everyone has the personality time and dedication leave alone the space to keep about 500 plants in their homes or apartments. Some of us majorly limit themselves to just a few plants that might even die after only a few months. There are so many questions that surround terrariums. What is a terrarium? What is terrarium used for? The list is endless…

So, what is terrarium used for?

Terrariums are used to grow individual plants that are difficult to culture in dry air. A terrarium will give you your desired mini garden in a given confined space.They don’t require the usual often watering, and the best part is that you can install some artificial lighting such as fluorescent or LED.

So, why would you need a terrarium?

They Have a Small Footprint

The best thing about terrariums is that you can build them in any given clear glass vessel. Please note that it has to be transparent to allow sunlight to penetrate in to reach the plants.There are two types of terrariums that you can build.  You can either have a closed or an open terrarium. A closed terrarium means that it has a top.

They Are Cheap to Maintain

Terrariums are cheap to build as well as maintain. To construct the inside of a terrarium, you only require some potting soil, your desired plant, activated charcoal (for drainage and to prevent rotting), and your preferred decorating elements.

Maintaining a terrarium is very cheap since you don’t require to water it often (watering once every month can do). If you go for a closed terrarium, if you notice that there is no condensation on the sides, the leaves of the plants seem dry, or the soil looks dry, then it is time to spray down the sides.

Trust me, you can never forget about your plant, and it is much more affordable as compared to growing a flower.

You Can Grow Any Plant You Want

The type of plant that you grow will depend on whether your terrarium is open or closed. A closed terrarium provides the necessary humidity, and therefore plants such as African violents and ferns can really do well.

On the other hand, open terrariums are much drier and succulent plants like cacti and herbs such as mint and rhyme can thrive.

There Is Room for Creativity

You can be able to accessorize the terrariums to make them your own according to your style and preferences.

They Add Some Greenery to Your House

If you are looking to add some green to your house without too much work, then this is the way to go. We can’t stress the importance of greenery in your home, can we?