Top Reasons: Why Static Welfare Units Are The Best Choice?

A Static or towable welfare unit is an investment that makes a lot of sense for a variety of different reasons.

LAE Welfare Solutions has a number of different units available depending on your needs. Investing in one may just be the best thing for your project and your employees.

Here are top three reasons why you should invest in static welfare unit hire.

Employee comfort

A comfortable employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is an efficient employee. Our towable welfare units offer a variety of amenities to make living on-site as comfortable as possible. This includes microwaves, hot running water, showers, toilets, and more. This allows your employees to be as comfortable and as well rested as possible, regardless of how remote your Site may be.

It also allows workers to be more comfortable throughout the year. Come winter, when the temperature drops and the rain begins to fall, the ability to have a roof over your head, a hot shower, and a cup of tea is invaluable. This boost to employee living and working conditions makes welfare units a wise investment.

Versatility of operation

A fully self-contained towable welfare unit from LAE Welfare Solutions comes in various configurations depending on your Site’s requirements. They come in 6-seated, 7-seated, or 8-seated welfare vans, 15-Man canteen office van, 7-Man welfare unit, toilet emptying and sanitation services, and more.

The fact that they’re towable means that we can arrange delivery to even the most difficult-to-reach sites in a shorter time frame than static welfare units.

With a towable welfare unit, you have the option to hire only what you need. Depending on the size of your workforce and the number of people who will be using the unit, LAE Welfare Solutions has a suitable unit for you. They offer a versatile eating or working space for staff.

Energy efficiency

LAE Welfare Solutions is proud to provide our 6-seated, 7-seated, or 8-seated welfare vans, 15-Man canteen office van with toilet, 7-Man welfare unit, toilet emptying and sanitation services, and more. This ensures they’re as energy efficient as possible without making any compromises. The energy savings ultimately make them cheaper for you to operate.

When several employees are using the showers, heating, kettles, microwaves, and so on, it’s easy for the costs to spiral out of control. Ecosmart technology keeps those bills in check while providing a comfortable and safe living environment.

Let’s Wrap Up

LAE Welfare solution is one of the best van hire nationwide that is known for our services. We have a wide range of welfare unit services that are specially designed to fulfill our customers’ requirements. Whether you want to add your company’s sticker on your welfare unit or want a whole new customized static unit, we are ready to help you. Feel free to contact us and tell us what type of welfare unit you will need. We are there for you. Just book our van, provide us the address where you want your welfare unit, and you will receive your unit on your doorstep.