Top Rated Restaurant Huff & Puff Burgers To Expand Internationally

Huff & Puff Burgers, an United Arab Emirates burger restaurant founded in 2016 by Nada Alshamsi, is excited to announce that the chain will begin to expand internationally to countries around the globe.

Since being founded in 2016, Huff & Puff has quickly risen to notoriety within the burger industry. The chain has expanded to 11 locations within the UAE, with 5 in KSA, 1 in Salalah-Oman, and 1 in Kuwait. The burger chain has also been recognized by Burger Lovers as a “favorite destination’, and customers all across the United Arab Emirates have quickly fallen in love with the burgers they serve.

The rapid growth of the chain isn’t by chance. Alshamsi has worked tirelessly as the founder and CEO over the past 5 years to manage the chain, stay up to date on social media and global trends to put Huff & Puff at the forefront of innovation and attention, and give back to the community in the process. Huff & Puff has become known for giving back to the community, as Nada frequently donates meals to the poor and helps those in need.

With all the momentum the brand has had, not even COVID-19 has been able to slow Huff & Puff down. All locations were forcibly closed for 3 months, and the chain took a major hit as a result. Rather than closing up shop, Alshamsi has led the chain to become more successful than ever before with patrons flooding all 11 locations around the UAE even amidst a pandemic. With such an incredible start in the UAE, Alshamsi now has plans for Huff & Puff to grow internationally. The brand already has a trademark registered in 165 countries, and plans to open locations in countries around the world are already in motion. Look for Huff & Puff Burgers to soon be a staple in the restaurant industry in countries around the globe in the very near future.