Top Questions to Ask Your Corporate Video Production Team

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Are you planning to hire a corporate video production agency for an upcoming project? You need to develop a list of knowledgeable questions to help you vet the best company out of a large pool!

Creating a list of interview questions for a potential vendor can help you understand whether they will be able to undertake your project effectively and understand the work you intend to execute. It is crucial to determine whether the production agency clearly understands your brief and company details so the end product portrays your business in the best light.

This blog will discuss five questions you need to ask production agencies before hiring them, so you make the right decision. 

Q1. How Long Have You Been in the Industry?

When you ask this question, don’t expect a response because there isn’t a right or wrong one. The reason you should ask this question is solely to find out if the agency has enough video production experience and is competent enough to undertake your project. It is reasonable to assume that the longer the business has been in the industry, the higher the chances of producing a high-quality end product. Business longevity means the agency has had several opportunities to serve more clients.

Q2. How Do You Usually Come Up with Concepts and Ideas?

The answer to this question will help you understand the video agency’s culture and working process. It is a great way to find out if the company believes in collaborative work or not. Usually, production companies are a small part of a much bigger marketing strategy. They are expected to be team players when it comes to sharing their unique insights to build better campaigns. Some companies expect production agencies to provide frequent updates and multiple concepts before finalising one. However, after weeks of working hard, some great agencies present a single concept, which is truly their best work.

Q3. What Value Will Your Company Add to My Videos?

It is always a good idea to hire an agency that can produce videos to help your business stand out amongst your competitors. The answer to this question will help you determine whether the company is just interested in making money or delivering high-quality work to its clients. The main reason you should ask this question is to find out if the company has looked at your previous videos and understood where improvements are needed.

Q4. What Filming and Editing Tools Do You Use?

To stay relevant in today’s dynamic business environment, you need to adapt to what others are doing, including using the latest technologies. The answer to this question will help you determine whether the production company you’re questioning uses the newest technology in video filming and editing. It will also help you check whether the equipment used matches the budget requested by the agency. It’s very easy to assume using the latest camera will create beautiful results, but even cinema cameras have their weaknesses if you use them for the wrong type of productions. Knowing the equipment that the agency will use will help you manage your budget and make edits and archives in the future. 

Q5. How Timely Do You Deliver?

The last and the most important question you should ask a video production agency is how long they take to deliver the kind of work you are expecting. A professional company should be able to provide the video that you need within your deadline. A positive answer to this question should include examples of the time taken by the agency to complete projects in the past. In addition to their services, a good company will also provide a reasonable timeframe for your project’s completion.

Most agencies provide high-quality videos across several platforms after recording and editing them. On the other hand, some companies offer the services of their editing professionals at an additional cost. A top agency like Scope Productions will always provide advanced video editing options at affordable prices, so you know about all available editing options and the cost for each option.The next time you’re looking for a corporate video production agency for dynamic, informative, and entertaining videos, get in touch with Scope Productions. They provide various services all around Australia, including multimedia presentations, TV commercials, training videos, event photography, videography, product launches, property showcases, etc.


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