Top Platforms To Create A Free Website

When it comes to the online labor market, it’s almost impossible to successfully run a company without a reliable, functional, SEO-friendly website. It’s basically the digital business card of every organization. Without it, it’s tough for the company to stay visible on the Internet, and that’s what it’s all about.

Today’s technology is becoming more and more user-friendly. You no longer need to graduate from IT school or get through an extensive coding course to run an online business. The digital world has a lot to offer to both beginners and experienced people, such as free platforms to create websites. Below, we pointed out a few of the top content management system tools that can help you create a great web page that is totally free of charge.


According to Web Monkey Online, around one-third of the websites on the Internet are based on WordPress, making it a reliable, trustworthy tool. It’s a commonly used webpage builder that lets you run your site with WordPress URL or a paid domain. What’s so great about it is the ease of use; WordPress provides you with the step-by-step guide and technical support, as well as many specific, handy plugins specializing in different fields on the website, such as SEO, analytics, security, and more.

WordPress is excellent for beginning webpage editors because it offers a wide range of pre-designed, unique templates, from which the user can pick and personalize the best one. What’s more, WordPress is also very SEO-friendly – basing on this system helps your website rank higher on the organic search.


Another recommended free webpage platform is Ucraft. “Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, artist, blogger, or anything in between, build a website, and present your brand in the best possible light,” states the platform’s policy. Ucraft is a drag and drop website builder which allows you to connect your own domain name and offers unlimited pages, Google Analytics, SSL, and a decent free subdomain.

When WordPress is mostly helpful for bloggers and the company’s responsive web pages, Ucraft is definitely the best option when it comes to e-commerce stores. The webpage platform has over 70 popular payments and shipping methods, supporting you much with online store management. You can provide your customers with quick and easy transactions with no hidden fees, stay competitive in the market by defining tax rates, receive instant payments, and help the user choose from many delivery methods. 


Another free platform that can help you start an online business is Weebly. Let’s face it – many business models of such platforms are based on freemium and premium versions. This tool isn’t different. You can go for the free option, but you need to take into consideration that your web page won’t shine as bright as it could. Nevertheless, it contains all the free webpage builders.

Weebly is a very easy-to-use platform, where you can receive step-by-step guidance to support your action during website building. It includes tool planning, customization, e-commerce management, such as ordering systems, payments, and shipping methods, as well as marketing tools to grow your business, rank higher, and gain bigger traffic. With Weebly, you get access to any webpage designs and handy tools that can make your website compelling and visible on the Internet.


Wix is undoubtedly one of the most popular website building platforms, with over 115 million users worldwide. It provides the user with over 500 designer-made templates and innovative drag and drop website builders. The platform is very well-suited for small businesses, e-commerce, or personal portfolio. What’s a great advantage is the fact that Wix supplies built-in Google Analytics to monitor your site, and can even offer you some of the applications that can fully meet your preferences. For further information you can check Wix review

Wix has a lot to offer when it comes to its features. It’s mobile-optimized, so your webpage can present well on every device. It gives the user total design freedom, as well as a scroll effect, personalized SEO plan to rank your website high in Google Search, unique gallery layout and content display, and advanced design possibilities, such as life animations and background videos.

The bottom line

When it comes to creating a reliable, responsive, well-designed website, it’s better if you had some budget ready to spend on it. Even though free versions of web page building platforms are convenient, if you want your site to be the top one, consider investing some money. The free website platforms pointed above will help you create a beautiful yet simple web page that can surely help your online business.