Top-Notch Ideas to Design Kids Section of Retail Stores

The child population constitutes a significant part of any country. They have their own needs and leisure, which lays the foundation of the kids’ retail industry. In the case of the UAE, children comprise almost 15% of the total population. It highlights the need for the kids’ retail industry in the region.

One of the trickiest parts of establishing a kid’s retail store is to design its interior to attract more and more children, and parents as well. The store managers have to become a little creative because children have the habit of picking the most beautiful and catchy things. If a retail store does not look promising, the children may not let their parents enter the space and explore it.

The store owners in the UAE region are actively seeking the help of experts. They consult the retail interior design companies in Dubai and get their stores designed according to the ease, comfort, and attraction of the kids and their parents.

This article will discuss the top notch ideas for designing the children section of any retail store.

Top 4 Ideas to Design Kids Area of Retail Stores

Shopping with the kids, and for them can prove to be difficult for the parents. The children of the twenty-first century are quite advanced and opinionated. They like to buy their things according to their preference and not by just following the choice of their parents. Therefore, the retail stores’ managers need to design the interior according to the interest and comfort of kids.

The following are some of the top ideas to design the kids’ section of the retail stores.

1.      Customize According to Theme

The twenty-first century is the era of thematic and customized things. Children are greatly inspired by Disney, as well as other animated and cartoon characters. Every store has customized products to satisfy the wishes of children. To make your interior outshine, you can customize specific sections according to the theme. For example, design the area carrying Disney related products as the home of some character.

Avoid Using Sharp and Glass Furniture

One of the most important considerations in the interior of kids’ retails stores is to avoid the usage of glass and sharp items. Stopping children from running in retail stores is quite difficult. They may break the decoration items of glass or hit the sharp corner of some aisle and hurt themselves. Not only the parents will blame you, but it will also impact other customers in the store. So avoid using the material which can hurt kids and ensure to make the store look spacious.

Use Higher Shelves for Expensive Products

Another significant idea to design the interior of the kids’ store is to use the higher shelves for expensive products. The children love to touch each and everything. Storing the expensive items in the reach of children will increase the risk of breakage or mishandlings. It will burden you and the parents as well. However, if the products are not breakable, storing in the reach of children can prove to be a clever trick of raising sales, as the children will convince their parents to buy.

Focus on Cross Merchandizing

One of the most important ideas to design the interior of your kids’ store is to give special consideration to cross-merchandising. Include the shelves of the related products side by side to help the kids, as well as their parents, to buy both products. For example, include children’s sunblock above the shelf of their swimsuits. It will help them in not forgetting the important details and would improve their shopping experience.

Need more tips and ideas?

No doubt establishing a kid retail store requires proper planning and execution. The managers have to consider each and every aspect of the interior to make shopping comfortable for parents and attractive for kids. You can hire the services of retail interior design companies in Dubai and ensure to plan the space perfectly. You can also ensure to design the floor plan, lighting, rest areas, and try areas in a state of art manner by following the expert opinion. So, hire an expert now to get an attractive and updated interior.