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Several among us recognize the significance of the Holy month of Ramadan, yet we frequently overlook the hallowed months. They do, however, provide us with a plethora of chances to increase our good deeds and seek Allah’s compassion and forgiveness, which is quite difficult to do at any other time of the year. They were especially chosen by Allah as the finest occasions to come closer to Him.

Top Noha Khuwan in Pakistan

However, Muslims have different ways to pay regards to Moharram and one of them is to enchant Noha, which is why Noha Khuwan release several Nohas at the beginning of Islamic year. You can listen to Top Pakistani Noha Khuwan such as Farhan Ali Waris, Irfan Haider, Safdar Abbas Zaidi, etc. at 

You may now easily connect with new artists, albums, and songs of your choosing. 

Here’s some of the best Noha Khuwan you should listen to and possess an eminent individuality all over Pakistan: 

  • Farhan Ali Waris is not only a well-known Noha Khuwan Artist in Pakistan but he also reads Manqabt, Naat, etc. His fans following is around the globe. 
  • This Noha Khuwani’s first album under the name “ALI WARIS,” was published during the year 1998 was produced by “THAR PRODUCTION”.
  • Farhan Ali Waris had read about 500 tracks from 23 albums throughout his complete Naat Khuwani, Noha Khuwani, and Manqabat career. There is 19+ Nohay albums released and 4+ Manqabat albums, that you can have access to on
  • In addition to Urdu language, Farhan Ali Waris has recited in almost every local language spoken in Pakistan, including Punjabi, Sindhi, Siraiki, Sawahili, Balochi, Pashto, Balti, and Gujrati.
  • Besides this, he has also read Nohas and Manqabat in Arabic, French, English as well as Hindi language.
  • He is known for his great performances live and on-screen and his fans from India, Dubai, Saudia Arabia, Africa, London, Australia, US and many other countries love him because of the purity of his voice. 
  • Popular Work: Farhan Ali Waris famous work include ‘Bolay Sara Jahan Hussain Ya Hussaina’, ‘Saat Qadam’, ‘Abbas Ka Parcham’, ‘Abbas Ko bulao’, and many more…

Facebook Followers: 1.7M+

Instagram Followers: 361K+

YouTube Subscriber: 1M+

YouTube Views: 380,827,385+

  • Top Pakistani Noha Khuwan who is known for his inspiring Nohas, he is another great Artist and Nohan Khuwan. His tracks are live and are doing extremely well on Pakistan Largest Artist’s Platform – 
  • One of the great Noha Khuwans in Pakistan Irfan Haider Rizvi, a notable developing Artist. He began Nauhakhwani at a young age. Haider Rizvi is only in his 30s, but he has a significant amount of knowledge that is completely reflected in his work. 
  • Renowned Work: Irfan Haider has great Nohas released under his label and some of his trending Nohas are Nad e Ali, Zakhmi Hai Buhat Akbar a.s Maula a.s, Aah Ya Hussain, etc. 

Facebook Followers: 406K+

Instagram Followers: 109K+

YouTube Views: 53,654,452+

  • Mesum Abbas – Available on, as he is commercially called, is a well-known Muslim Noha Khuwan who recite/sings about the Prophet Muhammad’s family tragedies.  Mesum Abbas is a Shiite Muslim prodigy at the age of 28. His popular and official work is claimed to be known by powerful clergy.
  • His Nohas are available online and can be downloaded in mp3 – popular in Pakistan, where Shiites make about 20percent of the total of 180 million people. He is well-known all over the world and has received glowing praise from The New York Times.
  • Born and brought up in New Jersey – Mesum Abbas has published 16+ albums while his debut album was recorded in 1999, at the age of nine. His tracks are ardently observed by individuals all over the world.
  • The Top Pakistani Noha Khuwan have associations with biggest TV Network in Pakistan under the name ARY Digital specifically in the Middle East region, moreover, have associations with MobiTising (Pakistan) and Goldenn Records (United States).
  • Recent Nohas: His recent and popular work includes Matam Karo Hazrat Imam Hussain Ka, Mere Akbar Ko Kahin Dekha Hai, Saqqa e Sakina Abbas Abbas, Ali Haq | Mesum Abbas 2022 | New Noha Maula Ali and more…

Facebook Followers: 609K+

Instagram Followers: 199K+

YouTube Subscribers: 435K+

YouTube Views: 63,524,449+

  • In this day and age of the internet, enter the calm world by enjoying music by your favorite artist or a Noha-Khuwan that you listen to Safdar Abbas on a regular basis at koyal. 
  • Now, you may get access to all of Syed Safdar Abbas Zaidi’s Nohas, and you can even access to albums. Listen to the Syed Safdar Abbas Zaidi CD and enjoy all of the current Nohas in harmony. 
  • Listen to Syed Safdar Abbas Zaidi MP3 songs online or download now… Every day, explore latest favorite Nohas from the ever-expanding catalogue of Syed Safdar Abbas Zaidi’s music.
  • Famous Nohas: His quite popular Noha/Manqabat include Sajjad Say Pocho, Bas Mera Hussain (AS) Hai | Syed Safdar Abbas Zaidi | Noha | 2022 | 1444, Farsh-E-Aza, Ya Hussain Ya Ababdillah, Maa’n, Surah E Rehman, Haider (AS), and more…

Facebook Followers: 11K+

Instagram Followers: 1.8K+

YouTube Views: 321,176+

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