Top New Trendy And Practical Kitchen Designs In 2021

In 2020, many of us spent more time at home than ever before, and the way we cook, entertain, work and relax in our homes has changed dramatically. There is no doubt that the past year has increased the value of the home and the kitchen has acquired the most significant attention of homeowners for many good reasons. From drywall replacement in Castro Valley CA to the smallest kitchen paint job, the kitchen has been the focal point. Now the value and functionality of the kitchens have also changed a lot or at least the way we look at them. Hygiene and cleanliness will be on the top precedence in kitchen design in coming years, while flexibility for multiple tasks and users has also got importance. Indeed, 2021 is shaping up to be a brighter year, but the need for a more comfortable home with a practical yet attractive kitchen is not going to fade anytime soon. So, keeping that in mind, whether you have a sleek and modern kitchen or a small utility space, read on for the top kitchen trends to look for in 2021with new finishes, fixtures, colors, appliances, and many more.

The Warmer Colors 

The most significant trend in general home design this year has been to bring natural influences into the home. Expect this to continue into 2021 as people look for ways to avoid feeling crazy when stuck at home most of the time. What better way to bring refreshing natural influences from the outdoors into the home with panoramic exterior views than by installing large windows throughout the home and in the kitchen when possible. You can easily relax and de-stress in a few minutes taking in the beautiful natural light. When the sun goes down, opt for warm and cozy lighting throughout your home to help calm your nerves. As people are spending more time in the kitchen, it is a good idea to have natural warm paint in the kitchen with big windows for a better exterior view. Warm colors provide a certain sense of ease and enjoyment. 

More Storage In The Kitchen

In 2020, almost every kitchen owner has made at least a few changes to their cabinetry. Many of us who have made partial changes to our kitchens have added cabinetry. It may not sound like a lot, but it is more trendy than ever and the need for more cabinets has been added in 2020. As we stock up on additional groceries and household items during the pandemic, who did not want to have just one more cabinet. More storage area has become one of the most professional Kitchen Designs in Castro Valley CA. The need for storage in the kitchen has increased and people are looking for ways to create more and more storage space in their kitchens. 

New Faucets

Installing a new faucet is a quick and easy kitchen upgrade that many homeowners will make in 2021. Whether it’s our increased awareness of home hygiene or a growing demand that features the hands-free, touchless kitchen, the new touchless faucets continue to gain in popularity. Hands-free, as well as motion-controlled faucets, will be more popular than traditional lever kitchen faucets, according to the 2021 trend report. And for the first time, voice-activated faucets appeared in the market. Not only is this new faucet more hygienic, but it can also help you be more productive in the kitchen. 

More Hot Water In The Kitchen

People have become so used to everything in an instant, that even boiling the kettle is an expectation that we would rather do without. Hot water faucets will be a popular kitchen item in 2021 as well. Encouraged by more of us who work from home and therefore want hot water to make tea and coffee during the work. Not only that, hot water is necessary for hygiene, and folks are using hot water for washing dishes and other utensils and trying to keep germs and viruses away.