Top Myths Surrounding Electric Cars that Should be Debunked

As people are becoming more aware of climate change and its adverse effects, people have started looking for alternatives to save the planet. The requirement for alternatives in the automobile industry have risen too and, EVs are now a reality and steadily replacing automatic fuel-run cars. Electric cars, which were regarded as the future, are the present now; however, most are still unaware of their uniqueness and benefits, leading to several myths. 

Electric cars can help curb the rising CO2 pollution yet not negatively impact your way of living. A lot of people are now moving towards electric vehicles; however, there are certain myths that could stop you from making a wise decision.

Fast Charging EV Does Not Exist

During the initial period when electric cars were still being introduced in the market, they took time to charge using EV charging Northampton. However, with technological breakthroughs and newer designs, the time needed to charge a vehicle has reduced drastically. Depending on how powerful the charging battery is and its capacity, you can charge accordingly. 

Some models can be fully charged from a 15 Ampere charging plug within 8 hours, while for some, it is even less. Depending on where you are going, the charging time for electric cars is usually at night, and 8 hours is simply the time you sleep. Therefore, this causes no hassle and, with electric vehicles, you will be saving on fuel too. Most of the countries are now working towards creating stable EV charging stations everywhere. 

Electric Cars Are Ultimately Expensive And Not Economical 

This is natural for all the new technology that gets introduced in the market. Electric cars might have a high price point, but they still are a reliable investment for years to come.

When you factor in the cost of your petrol driven car and the amount you will be spending for years on fuel, the price of electric cars becomes half. Electric cars come with better features which include better cooling, no oil, less movable parts, making them a great choice. 

EV Batteries Are Costly

This is one of the biggest myths you would get to hear about electric cars and EV charging Northampton. While lithium-ion batteries were considered pretty costly a few years ago, they are becoming more accessible now. EV batteries nowadays have 90% efficiency or capacity even after driving 241,000 miles.

Electric cars are still comparatively new to a large number of people due to the notion that you will not be able to travel long distances with them.

Electric Vehicles Drive Slow

In today’s world, technology has played a great role in making electric cars a daily part of human life. It is no longer a slow car; some models run faster than petrol and diesel cars.

Most people tend to charge their electric vehicles at home due to easy accessibility. However, most countries are now adopting a nationwide EV charging infrastructure as more and more people are coming forward and replacing fuel cars with electric ones.

People are becoming conscious of how they are affecting the environment. They are taking the necessary steps to minimize the negative impact and are shifting towards electric cars for a better future.

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