Top mortgage lenders in Canada you should consider for a housing loan

Mortgage lenders in Canada – The importance of having a shelter over one’s head cannot be underscored, while you work for a lifetime it becomes pertinent to keep on-top of your priority a budget to acquire a home.

According to a report on Forbes, the demand for multifamily vacancies will increase in the second quarter of 2021, which indicates that rent will increase. This trend has been supported since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020 as projected by Ellie Perlman, Blue Lake Capital LLC.

The rental and mortgage market will grow proportionately, all these are found to be true to an incontestable extent. There are certain steps to Avoid During Home Mortgage Loan Process

While the trend is on the rise, we are not in oblivion of the fact that investment in real estate will drive a corresponding necessity for mortgage assessment and requirements.

Given this, you will be reading particularly about the best mortgage lenders in Canada that could help make your dreams come true in earnest.

Before we take a run down, it’s necessary to understand what you possibly should be looking out for in an ideal mortgage lender

  1. Ask about their rates, you sure won’t settle for an outrageous rate, shop around and see who provides the best rate you can afford
  2. Loan terms and conditions, if there are clauses you are not comfortable with in a loan term, kindly compare with other opportunities.
  3. The down payment requirements, can you afford the percentage required, if not, kindly find a solution that supports your capacity and budget.
  4. Property insurance facility.
  5. Closing costs, fees, then make your comparison among lenders to find a suitable provider for your mortgage requirement.

Top Mortgage lenders in Canada

#1. Scotiabank

This is the bank of Nova Scotia popularly referred to as Scotiabank, by preference the Canada’s third largest chartered bank.

Scotiabank provides arrays of services in the banking category which includes but is not limited to mortgage services.

Scotiabank provides mortgage services across

  1. eHome- this product caters for clients who intend to purchase or switch their existing mortgage to Scotiabank, the eHome facility provides a platform where this service can be accessed and switched online without stress.
  2. The Scotia total equity – This is a borrowing plan with flexible features tied to the prevalent equity in your home. With this, you can choose from a number of Scotiabank products based on your need with just one seamless application.
  3. Fixed rate mortgages – This product provides a fixed rate mortgage to help buy your dream home.

#2. Equitable Bank

Equitable bank was founded in 1970 as the equitable trust company and has since then become Canada’s ninth largest Schedule bank.

Equitable Bank offers several suites of residential lending, commercial and savings solutions.

Given this, if you’re self-employed, a new Canadian with limited or no credit history at all, or possibly with low credit score, Equitable bank will provide mortgage financing solutions to assist you achieve your home ownership without stress.

Its’ mortgage products include,

  1. Customized option, alternative solutions – Equitable bank provides this service to suit your multi-purpose mortgage requirements. This serves for home purchases, renewals, and refinancing options, which include fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, and a home equity line of credit.
  2. The EQB Evolution Suite – This is a prime mortgage solution designed under the “Evolution suite” to provide solutions that will appeal to a wide range of borrowers who may be on payroll with commission, as well as self-employed individuals looking to purchase a residential property. Investors acquiring mortgage properties are not left-out.

#3. TD Canada trust

TD Canada trust aimed to stand out from its peers by having a differentiated brand anchored in a proven business model, rooted in a desire to give its clients, communities and colleagues the confidence to thrive in a changing world.

TD Canada trust provides financial solutions to Canadian businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Drawing a range of products and services including financing, investment, cash management, international trade and foreign exchange.

It specializes in commercial banking that is comprised of

  1. National real estate group/mortgage/housing
  2. Commercial mortgage group
  3. TD equipment financing
  4. Agricultural services and
  5. Aboriginal banking

With TD Canada trust, your mortgage financing is made easier on all fronts.

#4. National Bank of Canada

The National Bank of Canada prides itself as one of the top mortgage lenders in Canada and by priority the sixth largest commercial bank in Canada.

Headquartered in Montreal with branches in several Canadian provinces

In its service is providing a mortgage solution to the least of first time owners, National Bank of Canada provides expert advice and personalized services to help to aid your success at every step.

Depending on your choice to either rent or buy a home, a down payment usually sits between 5% to 20% of the value of the said property you are looking to buy. If your down payment is less than 20% you’ll pay an insurance premium in addition to your standing mortgage.

On how much you can afford to borrow, there’s a calculator in place to estimate your mortgage and monthly payments, given this, you can figure the ideal price range ahead.

While determining the ideal cost of being a homeowner, kindly bear in mind that there are,

  1. Inspection and notary fees
  2. Home insurance
  3. Property taxes

Knowing about these expenses ahead will put you in control of your budget and fund outlay.

There’s a pre-approval which guarantees the amount you will get for a mortgage, this adds advantages and credibility to your purchase offer, as well avails the idea of the property within your budget considerably for financing

Once your dream is ascertained, make an offer and apply, while establishing the line of property you will have to choose between mortgage and a line of credit, though the National Bank advisors will support you at every step of your journey.

#5. First Ontario Credit Union

First Ontario Credit prides itself with over 126,000 clients, assessing its mortgage loans and savings services comes with much flexibility.

Offering more than just an account, the union offers business advice to its clients who are perceived owners too at First Ontario since there’s a room to move up the company’s decision making board, there’s a competitive mortgage rate for all classes of solutions. Here you will find a mortgage that suits your capacity.


Here you have  banks in Canada that are capable of providing the right answers for your mortgage/financing questions. Each of these lenders has a unique business model, you’re enjoined to make your visible comparison, see what fits into your budget then come to a possible conclusion on where to pitch your tent.