Top Mobile App Design Tips for 2021

Today, mobile apps are an indispensable way for companies to attract clients through their mobile devices. The mobile app has become synonymous with development to the extent that companies that don’t employ these apps have less growth potential.

Optimal app design revolves around a friendly user interface, personalized communication, and intuitive interaction. That is, a design that doesn’t force users to think a lot and can predict motivations, emotions, and needs. Here’s a list of top Austin app design tips for 2021.

1. Fresh Color Palettes

A top design trend for 2021 is the use of fresh palettes. UX/UI designers have now opted to fascinate users with a novel range of energetic and vibrant hues.

While designers are concentrating on rainbow colors, the ones that will stand out in forthcoming apps are blues, purples, neons, and pinks. These colors pop even when the mobile device in a dark mode setting, introducing a glowy feel.

Developers should also consider using a combination of mismatched colors since they draw user attention due to their uniqueness.

2. 3D Design

One of the major trends in the coming years will be the incorporation of 3D designs and elements in mobile apps. As VR and AR technology trends continue gaining momentum, the top Austin app design companies plan to combine these two methods to develop hyper-realistic graphics that will enhance a user’s screen offering a fascinating experience.

By 2021, entrepreneurs and UX/UI designers will be improving their websites and apps with 3D technology. This will allow app developers to persuade prospective customers to spend more time on their apps.

3. Enhanced Typography

Typography will be the key to creative mobile app designs in 2021. The main focus will be eye-catching and scalable typography so that those who are accustomed to fast scrolling will be able to read content quickly.

While bold fonts are already a part of the old typography set, this trend will continue in 2021. App designers will adopt bold fonts to make captions and titles eye-catching while simultaneously adding information.

3D typography will be another trend and it will include an artistic flow. 3D animation, pattern, and texture will become an innovative symbol in typography. These stylish techniques are a great way to improve your app’s aesthetic for the New Year.

4. Voice User Interface

Also called VUI, the interface adopts speech recognition technology to facilitate a link between the app and the user. Voice chatbots and virtual assistants will be the latest trend in 2021 mobile apps. VUI will function as a personal assistant that doesn’t just understand a user’s current needs, but foresees their future needs as well.

This will totally change how users interact with your app. The UX design will permit users to maximize voice interaction with current graphical interfaces, allowing an interactive experience as well as convenience. Numerous product design agencies have already adopted this trend in their UI/ UX design procedures.

5. Facial Recognition

These days, it’s important to safeguard the information on your devices. Over the years apps have used things like pins, pattern locks and fingerprint locks however, these have some drawbacks. Facial recognition is now among the fastest ways of unlocking a mobile phone. This means passwords aren’t necessary. Many product design agencies have already adopted this as a fundamental feature.