Top Marketing Strategies for Your Business During a Pandemic

Businesses undergo many changes as they grow and evolve. The strategies that worked well yesterday no longer function today. Marketing strategies need to be continually revised to suit the changing market needs. Marketers help you modify your strategy, aligning it with the latest trends. 

An effective marketing strategy clearly defines your goals, vision, and mission, outlining the steps needed to achieve your goals. An informed strategy allows you to benchmark your tactics and improve where necessary. In return, you’ll be able to remain focused, increase customer sales, and boost ROIs. 

The coronavirus pandemic has forced marketers back to the drawing boards. Making it more difficult for businesses to drive sales and attract leads, COVID-19 has introduced restrictions such as social distancing, self-isolation, and remote working. These measures have made most of the conventional marketing strategies obsolete. 

  • Stay Relevant 

  • Shift Digital 

To conquer the internet, you should have a near-perfect SEO strategy. Targeting relevant keywords that address the needs of your customers improves your SEO game. 

A web design firm can help you identify relevant keywords, on top of pointing out practices that may be hurting your online visibility.  As other businesses are struggling to remain relevant, you can continue attracting leads during the pandemic with a strong online presence. 

During the pandemic, e-commerce sales went up by nearly 50%. That figure is expected to continue rising until the pandemic comes to an end, forcing marketers to adjust their offerings to meet the new expectations. 

You can also opt for PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising. In this way, you can get more visibility. Take advantage that PPC costs have dropped during the pandemic. But not all sites go for PPC and they still succeed so learn if you’re going to focus more on search engine optimization or PPC advertising

  • Customer Experience

In the wake of the pandemic, marketers have started focusing more on their customers. They’ve realized the need to build and maintain strong relationships with their clients. 

  • Social Media 

Social media remains a valuable marketing tool, even as the pandemic bites hard. Today, over 80% of all marketers rely on social media platforms to grow and scale their brands. 

To beat the boredom associated with being confined at home, people have taken to social media. Marketers are using these social media platforms to stay engaged with their customers in the COVID age. Use social media analytics tools to accurately assess the progress of your marketing campaigns as you go along. 

  • Short-Term Profits

In 2020, marketers have increased the use of Agile pricing models to maximize profits. This valuable tool provides insights from the vast market and customer database. 

The intuitive marketing program works in real-time. Users get to execute rapid changes to protect their revenues. Keep your ears open to learn about other inventive tools for automating this process. 

  • Reflection Time

Use the downtime as the perfect time to do a bit of soul searching. Take the time to reflect on your core values, goals, and mission. Ask yourself whether it’s time to rethink your marketing strategies moving forward. 

Maybe then you’ll be better positioned to face the post-pandemic world. Think about new ways for your business to stay relevant in the coronavirus age. For instance, your business should start providing free meals and sanitizers to homeless people. 

  • Be Customer-Focused 

Many businesses often make the mistake of going for the hard sell with their customers. Take the time to win over the customer’s confidence for a long term relationship. Avoid rushing to simply make a sale. 

To win over loyal customers, make sure you communicate a message that’s relevant today and tomorrow. Use videos to connect with your customers and reassure them that you’ll always be there for them. 

On that note, avoid going overboard with your Covid-19 content. Your audience has probably been reading and talking about the virus for the last few months. 

Make sure your content acknowledges there’s a deadly virus going on, but focuses on helping readers weather this period.  Solely discussing about Covid can get stale quickly. 

  • Work Remotely

Working remotely, especially in these uncertain times, is crucial if you want to be an effective marketer. A seasoned marketer carries their job wherever they go. 

These experts have invested in the latest Internet-enabled gadgets always to stay informed, keeping them in the loop as it happens. These devices enable you to receive and reply to essential customer queries anywhere, even when they’re under quarantine at home. Or, you can use the automated chatbots or the asynchronous messaging system to stay connected with customers.  

  • Add Value 

Be helpful to your customers as they continue to grapple with the pandemic. For example, start educating your customers on how they can enjoy the US stimulus. Explain to them how it’s a valuable lifeline for them and their struggling families. Teach your customers the necessary steps to reach the benefits of the packages.

Find ways to enlighten your customer’s about how to stay safe and healthy in the pandemic.

In Conclusion

Use this time to revise your marketing strategy. And you may end up devising a plan that not only helps you survive, but also thrive during these difficult times. 

That said,  don’t forget that your customers are watching your responses to the disaster. Businesses that refuse to take part in community empowerment projects risk driving away customers. 

Avoid engaging in self-promotion for your business — now’s not the time for that. Instead, shift your attention to helping your clients solve their unique challenges.  

Start listening to the needs. You can never go wrong by issuing free subscriptions to your customers to help them deal with the pandemic.

These tips are ideal for coping, not only during this pandemic but also for surviving future calamities.

TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team