Top Karachi Commercial Projects to Keep an Eye On by 2022

The commercial property provides an avenue for investors to make money. Choosing the right location is one of the most significant considerations when investing. Investment opportunities abound in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest coastline metropolis. Here are our selections for the greatest commercial developments in Karachi to watch for in 2022 to help you focus up your quest for the very best that Karachi has to bring. Know about commercial projects in Rudn Enclave.


Soneri Builders & Developers have unveiled the ultra-modern Omega Mall Airport in Karachi. Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport is just a few blocks away from it. All of the city’s greatest entertainment options are within a short distance of the property. Several of Karachi’s greatest business projects have been built by Soneri Builders & Developers. The company is well-known for its high-quality developments, on-time project completion, and consistent performances. It hopes that this latest business contribution to the city will help it continue its prosperous journey. There is a food area with coffee houses, booths, restaurants, and vast and luxuriously-designed boutiques. A 10,000-square-foot superstore and a family amusement park, Grand Fantasia Funland, are also located in the shopping centre. You can invest in any or all of these options. Civil Aviation Authority & Sindh Building Control Authority have approved the development.


New Karachi is home to the landmark commercial development known as Omega Mall North.  Soneri Builders & Developers, the company behind Omega Mall Airport, has a proven track record of achieving large-scale commercial projects. Thanks to the project’s diverse mix of well-designed commercial structures, one of the city’s most exciting new business districts are about to be born. As its name suggests, Sector 5 in New Karachi is home to Omega Mall North, one of the city’s trendiest shopping centres. Many notable monuments, facilities, and interstates, including PowerHouse Chorangi, Nagan Chorangi; Serena Mobile Market along Sakhi Hassan Chowrangi; Sohrab Goth; and Hyderi Market, are all within a short distance of this 10,000-square-yard complex. Centrally air conditioning commercial channels and corridors, escalators, high-speed lifts, state-of-art interiors, lounging and recreation areas; parking amenities for 300 vehicles; backup power generator; foolproof safety; fire safety indicators; and a prayer hall are all included in Omega Mall North’s modern amenities.


Nestled in the City of Lights centre, the Mega Mall & Residency is among the most convenient mixed-use projects. Many of the project’s hard-to-ignore aspects are catching the attention of potential investors. The Mega Mall & Residency is one of Karachi’s most lucrative commercial ventures in 2022 because of its high global development standards and prime location. Mega One Properties, a name in the building and development sector, completed the project, making it one of their most successful. It was designed with elegantly architected dwelling apartments and thoughtfully organised business areas as a multipurpose structure. The Mega Mall & Residency, with its high-end features and significant investment prospects, is a great deal. There is alot to list about this mixed-use project’s location. Located in the heart of Gulistan-e-Johar Jauhar’s Chowrangi, The Mega Mall & Residency is being created on a massive scale. The project’s location puts it in close proximity to numerous amenities and landmarks around the city, notably Darul Sehat Hospital, Habib University, Safari Park, Mosamiyat Chowrangi, Karachi University, and Jinnah International Airport, all of which are within easy driving distance.

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There are a variety of modern shops and workspaces for purchase in Bali Business Boulevard. Bali Business Boulevard along Main Sunset Boulevard aspires to provide its investors with the same sense of love and comfort that we associate with Bali’s serene beaches and sunny afternoons. The Defense Housing Authority (DHA) offers several commercial properties for investment in this project. It’s a great spot to put your money because it offers both retail and office space, and it has world-class amenities to match. As Karachi’s population increases, so do concerns about the city’s geographic location and accessibility. This plan includes all of the necessary features, such as high-speed elevators, large walkways, double-glazed window elevations, security, electrical backup, and basic servicing.


If you’re in search for a commercial location that isn’t just convenient but also conducive to growth, you’ll find a wide range of options here.

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