The IPL(Indian Premier League) has grabbed enormous attention on-field mainly because of its short duration, teams, unpredictable surprises in terms of twists and turns, Celebrity influences, and also stunning IPL female anchors. Indian Premier League was initially conducted for the first time by Lalit Modi in 2008. Lalit Modi is the Ex-member of BCCI. The IPL female anchors are one of the greatest reasons for the audiences and people.

IPL continues to lit up as usual with beautiful ladies. In this article, let’s have a look at this diva who makes this sport even more excitable and alluring.

1.Shonali Nagrani- Shonali Nagrani is amongst the finest entertainment TV presenter we have in IPL.She also holds her name entitled in the beautiful female IPL anchors list. Nagrani’s umpteen knowledge about the game has made her name the highest rank in viewership. In 2011 she was a part of the T20 league. Shonali is the epitome of beauty and that is the reason behind her popularity.

2.Lekha Washington- Lekha Washington is 34-years old and is the first anchor of IPL.She is also a south Indian actress-cum VJ. Apart from these, she has been hosting international events too-Canadian T20.

3.Mayanti Langer- Mayanti is a well-known face of Indian sports broadcasting. In her career, she has been a regular face of Star Sports. This time she was also seen hosting the 11th season of the IPL.

4.Isa Guha-Isa was a part of the England cricket team. In 2009 she won the women’s world cup in India. For a long, she has been a part of the IPL. Also, she holds a great deal of analytical knowledge about the game and thus this might be a reason why she is included in the Beautiful IPL female anchor list.

5.Mandira Bedi-Mandira was one of the first women anchors who brought female anchoring in this male-dominated game. She is 46 years TV actress, host, etc. Bedi is herself a cricket lover and enthusiast.

6.Archana Vijaya- Archana Vijaya is one of the top IPL female anchors of all time. She is 35 years old and is amongst the recognizable faces of IPL. Her jokes and rapport with players are loved by the fams.

7.Shibani Dandekar-This Pune born anchor hosted IPL from 2011-2015. Shibani is 37 years old and is admired for her knowledge across the globe. Apart from all these, she holds a great rapport with players off-field too.

8.Rochelle Maria Rao-Rochelle was featured in IPL in 2015-2016. She is a kingfisher calendar model. Her charm, knowledge, and smile have lead to her dynamic presence. Rao has been been a part of various TV shows for instance The Kapil Sharma Show.

9.Pallavi Sharda-Pallavi was born in Australia and she is an actress and IPL host. Her endearing cricket knowledge made her captivate the heart of Indian cricket fans. The actress is also known for her acting in My Name Is Khan. In 2016 she was the face of IPL.

10.Karishma Kotak-Karishma was a part of Bigg boss 6  and in 2013 she has hosted IPL. She is one of the prettiest hosts in IPL history. In 2006 she was seen in the Kingfisher calendar.